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Ignition Interlock Violation Lawyer in Minneapolis, MN

The new legislation includes increased penalties for violations of the ignition interlock device program. Some of the new legislation may cause questions or be unclear, so always reach out to an experienced Minnesota DWI Attorney, like Gerald Miller, with questions....

B-Card Violation Lawyers in Minneapolis, MN

The “B-Card” is a restricted driver’s license issued by the Department of Public Safety (DPS) to persons with at least three prior qualified incidents within ten years or with four prior qualified incidents in their lifetime. An individual receiving a B-Card must...

Inimical to Public Safety Violation

The Department of Public Safety may cancel a person’s driver’s license when it deems that the person operating the vehicle is inimical to public safety. Inimical to public safety essentially means that a person is unable to control a vehicle without endangering others...

License Plate Impoundment Attorney in Minneapolis, MN

In Minnesota, the state has the authority to take the license plate off a motor vehicle and destroy them. Plate impoundment is an administrative sanction and can be imposed quickly, in most cases at the time of the arrest. Typically, the officer orders the vehicle...

Criminal Vehicular Operation Lawyer in Minneapolis, MN

Criminal Vehicular Operation (CVO) is the most serious of all driving misconduct. There may be a lot of questions surrounding this complex offense and hiring a Minneapolis Criminal Defense Lawyer to help you navigate your case can help you get the answers you...

Fleeing the Police

Minnesota is no exception to having specific criminal laws aimed to punish attempts to evade police officers in a motor vehicle. Intended to create a deterrent for trying to escape or make an officer’s investigation more difficult, Minnesota statutes provide for...
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