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Generally speaking, a person charged with DWI can face motor vehicle forfeiture in a situation in which he or she faces a driver’s license revocation or a driving while impaired charge for the third time in a ten year period. However, there are instances in which a person can face motor vehicle forfeiture on a second time license revocation or DWI charge. This complex situation can bring up a lot of questions and the answers can come from an experienced DUI Lawyer Minneapolis.

Pursuant to the Minnesota motor vehicle forfeiture law, a law enforcement officer actually has the legal authority to seize the motor vehicle of a driver suspected of DWI at the time of the arrest. Following the seizure itself, the police, prosecuting attorney or its agent will serve notice of intent to seek a forfeiture of the motor vehicle.

If you have been served with a notice of intent to forfeit your motor vehicle as a result of a DWI arrest, you have a right to a judicial determination by a judge as to whether your vehicle should, in fact, be forfeited. If a driver would like to have a judicial determination, he or she must file a challenge to the forfeiture within a specified period of time from the date he or she was served with the notice of intent to forfeit the motor vehicle. If such a challenge is not made exactly as prescribed by statute and within the statutorily required period, the driver or owner can be deemed to have waived their right to a judicial determination of the forfeiture. That is why it is imperative that you contact a lawyer immediately after being arrested for a DWI offense to review all of your rights.

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For more information see the Minnesota Motor Vehicle Forfeiture Statute 169A.63.


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