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The term “war on drugs” has fallen out of favor, but police officers are still very aggressive in this area, and so are prosecutors. The good news is that these charges are harder than ever for authorities to prove in court. Many Hennepin County jurors see drug crimes, especially drug possession, as a health and safety issue as opposed to a criminal law issue.

Gerald Miller, P.A. is equally aggressive when it comes to defending drug charges in Minnesota. Plus, our team has a quality which prosecutors often lack. To them, your case is just another file in a stack of files. To us, your case is a chance for us to defend your individual rights. That passion fuels our purpose.

Drug Possession Defense

Simple possession cases account for over 80 percent of all drug crime arrests in Hennepin County. These cases hinge on the three Ps. The state must produce the substance in court, prove it was illegal, and establish all legal elements of possession.

Drugs and other physical evidence are only admissible in court if officers had a valid search warrant or a narrow search warrant exception applies. All search warrants must be based on probable cause. Common search warrant exceptions include owner consent, plain view, and weapons pat-downs. The state must convince a judge that the exception applies.

Police officers always say a substance “field tested” positive as drugs. Typically, this test is completely unscientific. For example, officers in Georgia recently said a local college student was in possession of cocaine. That substance turned out to be bird poop.

Finally, possession means more than proximity. Prosecutors must also prove the defendant knew about the drugs and exerted control over them. These additional elements are often difficult to prove, especially if the defendant was in the back seat of a car and the drugs were under a front seat.

Special Marijuana Issues

Proving the substance was illegal is especially difficult in marijuana cases. Marijuana, which is illegal for recreational use, is physically indistinguishable from hemp, which is legal for general use. To conclusively establish the difference, the state must administer a THC content test. This exam is quite expensive and only available in a few areas.

Additionally, prosecutors almost always offer pretrial diversion in marijuana possession cases, even if the defendant has a criminal history. If the defendant completes some program requirements, such as community service and perhaps a self-improvement class, prosecutors normally dismiss the charges.

Drug Sales Defense

To boost charges from simple possession to drug sales, prosecutors normally rely on additional circumstantial evidence, such as:

  • A large quantity of drugs,
  • Firearms,
  • Cash,
  • Shipping materials, and
  • Weighing instruments.

Frequently, prosecutors are hard-pressed to establish a conclusive connection between the circumstantial evidence and the drugs. For example, drugs in the living room might have little to do with a few guns in the garage.

On a related note, these offenses may involve large, multi-agency investigations. Since officers have so much time invested in the case, they often take shortcuts in order to make an arrest. Additionally, these investigations often rely on confidential informants, at least to a large extent. Paid informants are inherently unreliable. Many people will say or do almost anything for love or money. Getting a positive outcome depends on who you choose to defend you. Don’t seek help from a Minneapolis Firearms Weapons Defense Lawyer in a case involving drug crimes. Depending on your case facts, our dedicated Minneapolis Drug Crime Lawyer will be a better choice!

Drug-Free Zone Enhancements

In certain areas, drug crime penalties are significantly heavier. Under state law, these special areas include:

  • Parks: Only publicly owned parks are special zones. Church, homeowner association, apartment complex, and other privately-owned parks do not count. Public/private partnerships, such as a public park that a local Girl Scout troop maintains, are in a grey area.
  • Drug Treatment Facility: The law is rather vague on this point. For the most part, only standalone medical facilities are drug treatment facilities. A hospital with a drug treatment wing does not count, and neither does a building which hosts 12-step group meetings.
  • Schools: Not all schools look like little red schoolhouses. Many are inside office buildings or mini-malls. Additionally, children must usually be present. Overnight and during the summer, a school is just an empty building.

In addition to taking on the enhancement, our team usually attacks the underlying elements of the possession or trafficking offense. We are the Minneapolis Drug Crime Lawyers you need to clear your name and protect your future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Normally yes. However, Minnesota’s red flag law might apply. This law prohibits people from buying or owning guns if they are a danger to themselves or others.

In Minnesota, the statute of limitations for both felony and misdemeanor drug charges is three years. After that time, the state can still press charges, but a lawyer can get them thrown out of court.

If you have more than one misdemeanor conviction on your record, for drugs or anything else, the U.S. military normally requires a criminal conviction character waiver. These waivers are usually rather easy to obtain, unless the applicant has more than three misdemeanors or any felonies.

The drug crime statute of limitations is three years. However, as a rule of thumb, if the sale occurred more than a few months previously, the charges might not hold up in court. After a few months, eyewitness memories fade to almost nothing.

The nature of the job means a lot. Many insurance companies will not insure drivers and other workers who have prior drug convictions. If a prior record is a problem, a Minnesota criminal defense lawyer might be able to get it expunged.

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Kyle Hawes
Kyle Hawes
06:44 03 Dec 23
Ever seen the movie devil's advocate? Well Brodie Haken is more powerful than God! He owns the courtroom,he's a absolute pitbull dog in the fight! He takes case on as if he was being charged instead of you. Minnesota and twin cities finest attorney 15 thousand best money one can ever spend. If you want real ethical but aggressive legal representation call Brodie he's a actual trial lawyer not some DUI lightweight playing big shot but has no trial experience except DUI a intelligent 3rd grader could handle that level of offense and Kyle is a DUI guy but Gerald Miller law Gerry is a legend In the legal realm he's got the experience to know what to do in the most dire situations I was looking at 54 years prison but I didn't even worry knowing these guys are on my side.Gerry is admired by his Peers and judges...
maddy koss
maddy koss
20:20 01 Dec 23
Nima Adan
Nima Adan
17:20 27 Nov 23
I appreciate all the hard work they do , nothing but the best
Paul Voelker
Paul Voelker
13:05 17 Nov 23
Kyle Dreger was hands on from the moment I reached out to the firm and asked for help in my case. Kyle was an absolute pleasure to work with and was always available no matter the date or time, truly worked above and beyond my expectations and I would recommend Kyle and the firm to anyone.
Nisha Thomas
Nisha Thomas
03:04 04 Nov 23
My boyfriend has been working with Gerald Miller, specifically Kyle Dreger, as the lead lawyer for his cases.My boyfriend has multiples cases happening simultaneously. The entire team has been extremely helpful and responsive. Not only have they worked with my boyfriend but they have continued to work with his family and loved ones to make sure that our case is handled properly and in a timely manner. I would highly recommend anyone seeking legal advice to reach out to Gerald Miller and specifically ask for Kyle because we believe he’ll provide the best possible advice and support for your case.
Tristen Kurtzweg
Tristen Kurtzweg
00:29 18 Oct 23
Got screwed from another lawyer in my past. Gerald Miller P.A. was a great decision as they kept my interest over theirs. I was able to set aside my worries and continue to live my life while they worked. Great group and would definitely return if needed. Highly recommend.

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