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Jaime Miller
Jaime Miller
15:32 18 Jan 23
Sumanth Prakash
Sumanth Prakash
18:28 05 Jan 23
Very comforting and helpful !! I really looked up to them and very responsive at any time
Austin Thompson
Austin Thompson
16:08 27 Dec 22
In my own experience with Mr. Kyle dreger, he was incredibly professional and down to earth while simultaneously being comforting and light hearted to work with on my case. He managed to lower a possible several year prison sentence down to a year of house arrest with probation time. I would recommend Mr. Dreger to anyone in need of legal assistance. Mr. Dreger fought for me to ensure I got the best possible outcome from my case
Shannon Horton
Shannon Horton
05:17 13 Dec 22
I have been working with Kyle for almost 2.5 years on my case. We literally had a court appearance in the morning and they told us to be available for when they call us to come in for free trial that's how far I took it because I believe in my case was one that I could win. Kyle put in diligent work all throughout the two and a half years and he called me about an hour before court closed and I thought he was going to tell me what time to show up in the morning for jury trial but it turns out he was calling with good news they were dropping the charges because they I lost two of their credible witnesses. So we appeared an hour later in front of the judge and the prosecuting attorney and the dropped the biggest charge the one that we wanted dropped all along and Kyle is just amazing to work with him so polite and so quick to respond. If you need an attorney I would definitely meet with him get a feel for what his thoughts are and if you like him hire him cuz he shows up and he works hard and he will fight for you no matter what! So if you're ever in need of a good criminal defense attorney definitely look up Kyle!Shannon
Nikhil R
Nikhil R
18:21 06 Dec 22
Kyle helped me come out of a very difficult situation , I was really stressed out and in panic state. Kyle did everything he could do for me and got me the best possible outcome i could get. Kyle is very good at communicating the possible outcomes upfront with no false promises which sets the right expectation. I could not thank Kyle enough for getting me the result I got. I would definitely recommend Kyle for very smooth and timely resolution of the case.
McKinnley Cutter
McKinnley Cutter
22:51 30 Nov 22
Great help, was able to relieve a lot of stress for me with limited hassle. Recommend to anyone in need.

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Minnesota's Best Criminal Defense and DWI Lawyers in Minneapolis

Attorney Kyle Dreger /

Kyle Dreger

Criminal Defense & DWI Lawyer
Team gerald miller

Gerald Miller

Criminal Defense & DWI Attorney

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  • We offer you a FREE no obligation initial consultation.
  • We only practice DWI and Criminal Defense Law in Minnesota. We don’t split our time working on other areas of law so that we can provide intense focus to your DWI or Criminal case.
  • Our team is available to you 24/7/365. Our resources are deep and strong. We collaborate and continually draw from each other’s experience to devise the best strategy and defense for you.
  • Our seasoned team of Minneapolis DWI Lawyers and Criminal Defense Attorneys in Minnesota will fight hard for you and be by your side every step of the way.
  • We have decades of DWI and Criminal Defense courtroom experience and an in-depth knowledge of the legal system and Minnesota DWI and Criminal law. This experience has taught us sophisticated and highly skilled courtroom tactics, as well as adept trial and negotiating skills.
  • We understand that each case and client is uniquely different. People hire us because of our knowledge of the system, and realize that it is our job to help a client navigate a difficult process. As we are preparing a case, we know what to look for in the evidence, but also realize that it is critical to listen to our clients needs. Then, only after we know our client, we can tailor make a defense unique to your case depending on the goals we have set out.
  • We will always treat you with compassion and respect. As our former clients will tell you, we are very quick and prompt in answering any questions, and will keep you informed about every step in the process. We have an appreciation for how stressful criminal charges can be, and that is why we take it very seriously to provide a calming, and honest, reassurance throughout. We consider the “service” side of our job to be as serious as anything else we do because being trusted to be someone’s attorney is a privilege.

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