You have a big challenge in front of you, don't make it bigger with the wrong lawyer.

“The outcome of this dire situation really came down to the knowledge, dedication, and passion from my Lawyer, [Gerald Miller]…He knows people, how to treat them, be fair, and get what he asks for. I am now able to continue my life as normal, and continue to learn from my mistakes, and all of this would not have been possible without Gerald.”

R.B., Former Client

“I just wanted to tell you how much it meant to me to have your representation. All of your legal counsel and the respect and concern you showed me was so appreciated. It was tough going through, but I learned a lot.”

T.R., Former Client

“I want to say a sincere Thank You, for taking my family’s ‘Worry’ and putting them at ease with your wisdom and confidence.”

M.L., Family member of a Client

“Thank you for doing a super job with my son’s case. It is a great comfort knowing you are representing him”

J.C., Parent of a Client

“I wanted to thank you for the excellent legal service you provided for the DWI and Speeding charges I was facing. I appreciate the comprehensive explanation of the situation and what my options were. Everyone makes mistakes and you were able to make an extremely stressful event much easier for me. Your broad understanding of the legal system and guidance through the process really helped me deal with it…I would recommend your services to anyone who is in need of a good DWI attorney.”

A.T., Former Client

“Gerald Miller did an outstanding job resolving my case. Gerald accurately assessed the situations and developed a defense strategy for each. He brought each to a swift conclusion with better than expected results. Never did he sugar-coat my situation; He was very straightforward and is clearly very experienced in dealing with these matters. Gerald took a sincere interest and aggressively fought for the conclusion we wanted to achieve.”

B.H., Former Client

“Overall, my experience with Gerald Miller, P.A. was a formidable tool in reducing the punishments [I thought] I was sure to receive. With their assistance, I was able to get back to my normal life for the most part after only a few months. I was able to keep my job, continue going to school, and get back on my feet much sooner than I would have without the assistance of this firm.”

J.B., Former Client

“Thank you so much for your support and excellent defense with my DUI case. I was scared, nervous, and had no idea what steps to take in my best interest. I’m so glad I was one of the lucky people to have such a confident professional on my side! I am so grateful and thank you so much for your time and effort.”

T.S., Former Client

“I would like to take this opportunity to say ‘Thank You’ to you and your associates for a job well done on my recent case… Over the past 1 1/2 years he has been more than an attorney but has shown the actions of a true caring friend. I will not hestiate to recommend him or your office to anyone seeking legal consultation.”

A.B., Former Client

“I wish to express my sincere thanks and gratitude for a job well done! Your straight talk and decisive approach to my case was refreshing. I appreciate the level of communication and professionalism displayed by you and your staff throughout my entire matter. The results were much better than I had anticipated. I am pleased with the outcome and would not hesitate to refer you and your staff to anyone needing quality legal advice and representation in a court of law. My career depended on this outcome!”

C.J., Former Client

“Your firm examined all the evidence and did everything you could to get me the best deal. I’m proud I used your firm with my situation.”

C.S., Former Client

“When I made a big mistake and needed to consult a lawyer, Robert Foley made me feel the best I possibly could in a bad situation. I didn’t know anything about the laws or the process. Robert went out of his way to explain my options and really helped my just feel better. I was able to call him whenever I had questions and he always got right back to me. He is very good at what he does and I would definitely recommend him to everyone.”

J.K., Former Client

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