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The new legislation includes increased penalties for violations of the ignition interlock device program. Some of the new legislation may cause questions or be unclear, so always reach out to an experienced Minnesota DWI Attorney, like Gerald Miller, with questions. Violations and penalties include the following:

Violations Administrative Penalties
Tampering, bypassing or circumventing the device. Attempting to tamper, bypass, or circumvent the device.Operating a vehicle the ignition interlock device.Violation of the ignition interlock limited license. 1st Offense
An additional 180 days will be added to the violator’s revocation period.
Failure to provide at least 30 verifications of abstinence breath tests each month. 2nd Offense
An additional one year will be added to the violator’s most recent revocation period.
Three failures to take a rolling retest within a six months period. 3rd Offense
An additional 545 days will be added to the violator’s most recent revocation period.
An alcohol reading at or greater than .02 with no retest within 25 minutes.An alcohol reading at or greater than .02 with a retest within 35 minutes at or great than .02 Revoked Status
An additional 90 days from the date of the violation and it only applies to the last 90 days of the program.
Cancelled & Denied Status
Must re-enroll in the program and start the revocation period over.

Should I Speak with a Minnesota DWI Attorney?

An ignition interlock violation is a serious offense that can lead to harsh consequences. It is crucial that you obtain an experienced attorney to help you through these difficult times. Gerald Miller PA has defended thousands of DWI-related cases over 35 years. Contact Gerald Miller PA today at 612-341-9080 for a free consultation.

For more information see the Minnesota Ignition Interlock Statute 171.306.

For a review of the consequences for an ignition interlock violation see the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

See Ignition Interlock Procedures for more information.


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