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    How Minneapolis Forgery Charges Defense Attorneys Can Serve You

    Ordinary Forgery

    Aggravated Forgery

    Check Forgery

    ID Forgery/Identity Theft

    Many people equate forgery with a false signature on a document. But in Minnesota, this offense is much broader. Using or possessing a forged instrument is illegal. Destroying or mutilating a document is also forgery. Since almost all these offenses are felonies, the possible consequences are quite severe.

    Forgery is generally a technical crime, so at Gerald Miller P.A., we concentrate on technical defenses. Furthermore, we aggressively challenge the state’s evidence. This combination typically produces results which exceed our clients’ expectations.

    Forgery Charges Defense in Minneapolis

    Ordinary Forgery

    In a nutshell, ordinary forgery is altering a document in any way with the intent to defraud another person. Common infractions include:

    • Imitating someone else’s signature,
    • Signing a person’s name without that person’s permission,
    • Changing a label or a provision in an agreement,
    • Possessing a forged instrument (intent to defraud is sometimes difficult to prove in these cases),
    • Destroying a document, and
    • Using a forged instrument.

    With the exception of possession cases and possibly a few others, these matters are relatively easy to prove in court for a practiced Minneapolis Forgery Defense Lawyer. The forgery itself is usually rather easy to spot, if jurors look carefully. And, circumstantial evidence is admissible on the intent element.

    Fortunately, forgery is a non-violent crime. So, there are a number of possible successful resolutions available.

    Aggravated Forgery

    The crime of aggravated forgery is more serious than ordinary forgery. Aggravated offenses usually involve high-authority documents, such as:

    • Bank records,
    • Court orders, and
    • Loan documents.

    Court orders, particularly family court orders, are among the most common aggravated forgery cases. Most of these documents have multiple pages. Many people are tempted to alter a couple of sentences or financial figures in the body of the order and attach the altered order to the judge’s signature page.

    Aggravated forgery cases are a bit more difficult to resolve than ordinary forgery matters. That’s especially true with regard to court or other official document forgeries. Some judges take these cases personally, even if the order was from another court. Whether it is a case of ordinary forgery or aggravated forgery, it is best to hire a Minneapolis Forgery Defense Lawyer. Depending on your case facts, they will help protect your rights and defend your charges vigorously.

    Check Forgery

    Even with the upsurge in electronic payments, there are still a lot of paper checks out there. Large companies often use paper checks, especially for payroll and other large expenditures, because they leave more of a paper trail. So, Hennepin County financial fraud investigators are always on the lookout for the following schemes:

    • Check kiting,
    • Counterfeiting, and
    • Fraudulent alteration.

    Check kiting is writing insufficient checks from multiple accounts hoping that the accounts will have sufficient funds when the bank receives the check. Check kiting is also known as check floating. Fraudulent alteration often involves check washing, which is using chemicals to erase ink and then filling in the blanks.

    ID Forgery/Identity Theft

    Generally, photo identification forgery is a gross misdemeanor in Minnesota, assuming the document is state issued, like a drivers’ license or identity card, or privately issued, like an ID badge. Passport forgery is a very serious federal crime.

    Forgery Charges Defense FAQs

    Once the court process begins, only a judge or prosecutor can stop it. The judge might throw out a case due to lack of evidence and prosecutors have broad discretion to voluntarily dismiss cases. Witnesses, including forgery witnesses, cannot “drop” criminal charges.

    Yes. Forgery is altering a document with the intent to defraud another person. The possible penalties are rather severe. However, since forgery is a non-violent crime, a successful pretrial resolution is possible.

    Ordinary forgery, aggravated forgery, and identity theft are the three main types of forgery. Ordinary forgery is falsifying an everyday document, like a membership card or manufacturers identifying label on a product. Aggravated forgery is altering an official document, like a court order or bank record. Identity theft is stealing someone else’s personal information.

    Depending on the nature of the infraction, usually the amount of money involved, forgery could mean up to ten years in prison.

    How We Make A Difference For You

    See What Our Clients Say

    Kevin and Marj Gray Templeton
    Kevin and Marj Gray Templeton
    00:07 06 Mar 21
    We called Gerald Miller Law office for help regarding a DUI. We were frantic about what was going to happen! Our initial call was with Gerald who calmed us down and was helpful with what had to be done, and what did NOT have to be done until we heard from the court. His information was a big relief. Cody, with the firm, then contacted us, and took us step by step all the way to the end. His confidence and knowledge really took alot of stress off of us. His experience got us an outcome we were happy with!
    Roy Hitchcock
    Roy Hitchcock
    20:51 04 Mar 21
    Roy HGerald has helped me on 2 different occasions.First, Gerald is a highly skilled lawyer. His knowledge and experience in the law and courtroom are truly second to none. His advice is well thought out and his decisions are rock solid. I felt great comfort and total confidence in everything he did. His presence in the courtroom is awesome. It’s very apparent from his interaction with judges, prosecutors and other lawyers that he is highly connected and respected.Second, he is a tireless worker and seems to have endless energy. He is beyond tenacious and simply won’t give up. At times even I thought that we should perhaps back off and settle for less but he assured me that we needed to press on. Clearly this was not in his best interest because it just meant more time and effort on his part. It was apparent that it was my best interest and not his best interest that concerned him. By the way in the end he was right and we prevailed.Third, he truly cares deeply about his clients. He quickly returned all of my phone calls and would meet with me whenever I requested. Even if it was at night or on the weekend. He was honest and professional but even more than that. He cared. He always remained positive and gave me the peace of mind I needed. I didn’t feel like a client, I felt like I was his family and the most important client he had.Gerald thank you seems so inadequate in expressing my deep gratitude for everything that you have done for me. You are truly one of a kind.
    Greg Skoviak
    Greg Skoviak
    16:11 04 Mar 21
    Provided professional direction, management and advice at every level throughout my ordeal. I can highly recommend their services.
    Rachel Meskill
    Rachel Meskill
    16:00 20 Feb 21
    Diane London
    Diane London
    20:01 12 Feb 21
    A Rush
    A Rush
    18:51 10 Feb 21
    Highly recommend this firm, Cody was very proactive with my case.

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