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Gerald Miller, SuperLawyer, Minnesota DWI and Criminal Defense Attorney

It’s a fact of life that we all make mistakes, and when it comes to criminal charges for DWI and DUI in Minneapolis, MN, the consequences can cause devastating effects for everyone involved – but that doesn’t mean your life is ruined.

Gerald Miller has helped over 10,000 people over the past 30 years, and continues to assist those who are facing DWI and DUI prosecutions in the Minnesota and Minneapolis area. So, if you are facing these criminal charges there are serious consequences you should be aware of. With our knowledge and experience, you can rest assured that we will fight hard to accomplish the best results possible.

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What is DWI and DUI?

Learn about the best defense against these serious crimes.

Our Three Practice Areas

DWI/DUI Defense

The Law Firm of Gerald Miller P. A. has helped over 10,000 people — and counting — with DWI/DUI defense matters throughout Minnesota. Everyone deserves the right to the best defense available and this is why an experienced attorney serving the Minnesota and Minneapolis area is absolutely vital.

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Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense cases can include offenses such as assault, drug crimes, weapons charges and theft. By working alongside Gerald Miller you will be able to fight the case with the upmost of confidence in getting a result that you desire

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Traffic Violations Defense

The worst thing you can do as a motorist is ignore a traffic violation. If you don’t handle them correctly and quickly, you could face serious consequences, including higher insurance premiums, license suspension, and loss of privileges. This is where you need professional advice.

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Are you facing DWI/DUI or criminal charges, and need a strong defense?

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Who is Cody Wright Cody is a Minnesota native. He is a passionate believer in fair representation for...
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Gerald Miller

Who is Gerald Miller? With more than 35 years of experience practicing in the areas of DUI/DWI and...
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Kyle Dreger

Who is Kyle Dreger? Kyle’s experience in criminal law started when he began working for the St. Paul...
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Recent Success Stories

State V. D.B.

County: Anoka

Original Charge: (F) 1st Degree DWI + 2 (F) DWI Probation Violations

Test Result: REFUSAL

Priors: 6 (Lifetime, incl. two Felony DWIs)

Final Disposition: (F) 1st Degree DWI + 2 PV Admissions

Sentence Imposed:

Despite this new Felony DWI conviction, which called for a mandatory 36 month prison sentence, and at the same time also caused probation violations on two prior felony DWIs where…

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State V. T.G.

County: Carver

Original Charge: (F) 1st Degree DWI

Test Result: .27

Priors: 3

Final Disposition: STAY OF IMPOSITION* on (Felony) 1st Degree DWI

Sentence Imposed:

able to secure a sentence of only 365 days local jail time. The judge imposed a staggered sentence, whereby the client would serve 90 days each year, with the opportunity…

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State V. N.B.

County: Dakota (Eagan)

Original Charge: 2nd Degree DWI

Test Result: .09

Priors: 2

Final Disposition: DISMISSED

Sentence Imposed:

We successfully challenged the Implied Consent on the grounds that the Officer’s stop of the client’s vehicle violated his constitutional rights, which resulted in RESCISSION of the Clients license revocation….

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