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Integrity and trust is the foundation of our practice. Our passion for client success is matched only by our experience, our reputation for excellence, and our deep understanding of each and every client’s individual needs.

At Morris Law Group, we don’t just counsel our clients. We invest in them.

We’ve been serving the Edina and Twin Cities communities since 2002. Our attorneys provide personalized, cost-effective legal services to clients seeking help in real estate, business development, commercial litigation, and other matters.

Our experienced Edina attorneys – Founder Richard L. Morris, Lillian Ballard, and Nicholas Henry – believe that relationships matter, whether a client is trying to navigate a purchase agreement, get a business off the ground, or dissolve a partnership. Our lawyers appear regularly in state and federal court, in administrative hearings, and in various alternative dispute resolution forums, including mediation and arbitration.

Morris Law Group is the best Minnesota law firm for all of your real estate and business legal needs. We advocate for our clients with professionalism, empathy, and with a results-driven approach.

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Gerald Miller has the experience and expertise to excel in any area of DWI, DUI, Traffic Violations and Criminal Defense. You can learn more about the whole raft of Practice Areas that Gerald Miller specializes in our Practice Areas. For more information and for a free consultation with one of our professionals, simply contact us today.

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Are you facing DWI/DUI or criminal charges, and need a strong defense?

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