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How Can Defense Attorneys Defend Criminals in Minneapolis?

It can be difficult to understand why an attorney would defense someone against criminal accusations. Many people wonder, How can defense attorneys defend criminals? There are two important factors to remember when it comes to defense attorneys. First, not every person accused of a crime is guilty. Second, everyone is entitled to defend themselves when accused of criminal activity.

These notions are a foundation of our justice system, which would not function without criminal defense attorneys. Attorneys are bound to advocate on behalf of their client no matter their personal feelings regarding the allegations they face. This ensures every defendant is given a fair opportunity to fight back against charges levied against them by the government.

If you have been accused of a crime, you have the right to seek legal counsel. Your attorney could be a valuable resource that is ultimately the difference between a conviction and an acquittal. A Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer at Gerald Miller can review your case and advise you of your rights.

Why “Guilt” Does Not Matter in a Criminal Defense Case

Ultimately, it is not the job of a criminal defense attorney to decide if their client is guilty or innocent. That role falls to a judge or jury depending on the case at hand. Instead, it is the duty of a defense attorney to advocate on behalf of the accused regardless of the circumstances. These divided rolls are what makes the system function.

It is also worth noting the difference between “factual guilt” and “legal guilt.” The concept of factual guilt is based on whether the accused actually committed the crime or not. This is the primary question in the court of public opinion, yet not what matters in a court of law.

At trial, the focus is on legal guilt. Legal guilt involves whether or not the state has enough evidence to establish every element of the criminal charge in question. If the state cannot provide the evidence necessary for a conviction, they have not proven legal guilt. This is possible even in cases where the accused committed the act in question.

It is the role of an attorney to focus on their client’s legal guilt or innocence. Because the burden of proof is with the state, attorneys must concentrate on what the prosecution can prove at trial. This is possible regardless of an attorney’s personal opinion of their client’s conduct.

Why a Minneapolis Criminal Defense Lawyer Protects the Innocent

It goes without saying that not every person accused of a crime is guilty. That said, if you’re wondering how can defense attorneys defend criminals, you’re not alone. Many people that have been convicted in the court of public opinion are, in fact, innocent.

It is because of this reality that it is imperative that an attorney follows a code of ethics. An attorney must ignore their personal feelings or media coverage, and focus on the creating an optimal defense strategy. When attorneys refuse to take on high-profile or controversial clients, it is the wrongfully accused that will ultimately suffer.

How a Minneapolis Criminal Defense Lawyer Defends the Constitution

Criminal defense attorneys do not just represent their client’s needs. They are also charged with defending the rule of law. This includes safeguarding the protections available to every person accused of a crime in the United States. There are countless examples of cases where defense attorneys find evidence that their client’s rights were violated.

The job of a defense attorney often requires them to police the police. Defense attorneys are at the forefront of ensuring that law enforcement respects the constitution and avoids violation of clients’ rights. This is true whether their client is innocent of the charges or has admitted responsibility.

Discuss Your Case with a Minneapolis Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you’re asking how can defense attorneys defend criminals, the answer is that that person deserves representation. The attorneys of Gerald Miller understand that criminal defense is a solemn duty. While often misunderstood, defense attorneys are at the forefront of defending constitutional rights throughout the country.

You deserve an advocate that is not afraid to fight for your rights. Let the attorneys of Gerald Miller evaluate your case and advise you on how to approach your defense. Call as soon as possible to schedule your free, no-obligation case consultation with Gerald Miller.

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