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Sex Crime Charges Defense Lawyer in Minneapolis, MN

Sex Crimes in Minnesota There are a number of different charges that can fall under the category of “Sex Crimes”. These can include charges ranging from sexual abuse, sexual harassment, indecent exposure, sexual assault, internet sex crimes or rape. According to...


Prostitution in Minnesota As in most states, prostitution is deemed as an offense in Minnesota and those who solicit or traffic others to act as prostitutes face greater penalties than prostitutes and their patrons do. If you are facing these charges, contact Gerald...

Weapons Charges Defense Lawyer in Minneapolis

Weapons Charges in Minnesota Cases involving weapons or firearms are taken very seriously in Minnesota and charges range from recklessly handling a gun or other dangerous weapon or explosive to endanger the safety of another, to intentionally pointing a gun at or...

Theft Charges Defense Attorney in Minneapolis, MN

Theft in Minnesota Being accused of shoplifting or a theft crime can change a person’s life forever, as well as the way other people view them. Under Minnesota law, theft offenses are extremely varied. It could be anything from walking out of a store without paying to...

Assault Charges Defense Attorney in Minneapolis, MN

Assault Charge in Minnesota The laws for assault in the state of Minnesota are some of the toughest in the country, and if you have been charged with an assault crime you may be facing the prospect of serving a lengthy prison term, not to mention a hefty fine. A first...

Drug Charges Defense Attorney in Minneapolis, MN

Drug Charges in Minnesota A sentence for a drug offense in Minnesota is usually determined by guidelines set by the Sentencing Guidelines Commission, but actual length of a sentence for a drug charge is actually linked to the defendant’s past criminal record. As...

Probation/Parole violations

Probation and Parole Violation Defense in Minnesota After you’ve been released from prison, there is a usually a period of re-integration known as parole. During that period, you are required to comply with the specific terms and conditions set out by the courts or...

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