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Probation and Parole Violation Defense in Minnesota

After you’ve been released from prison, there is a usually a period of re-integration known as parole. During that period, you are required to comply with the specific terms and conditions set out by the courts or parole officer. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions can have serious consequences, seeing as the parole period is a test to determine if the individual is ready to re-enter society following a prison sentence. What those consequences are depends upon the type of violation that occurs and the decision of the parole officer and parole board. If you have questions about the charges you are facing and need a solid criminal defense Minnesota, contact Gerald Miller today.

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If you are facing probation and parole violation charges in Minnesota, call Gerald Miller, an experienced criminal defense Minnesota lawyer today. When you are facing charges, lots of questions can arise and doubt in the next steps in your case can be intimidating. Let Gerald Miller and his experienced team of attorneys represent you. Contact the office of Gerald Miller and schedule a free consultation about your case today.


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