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Prostitution in Minnesota

As in most states, prostitution is deemed as an offense in Minnesota and those who solicit or traffic others to act as prostitutes face greater penalties than prostitutes and their patrons do. If you are facing these charges, contact Gerald Miller, a Criminal Defense Minnesota Attorney, today. Under Minnesota law prostitution is essentially defined as engaging, or agreeing to engage in, sexual penetration or sexual contact for hire and being charged with such an offence can be a very serious matter, as well as deeply embarrassing. Engaging in prostitution with an adult prostitute is a misdemeanor offense and if found guilty there is a minimum fine of $500 and even the possibility of 90 days in jail.

Should I Hire a Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney?

Having an experienced and professional Criminal Defense Minnesota Attorney fighting for your rights can make a huge difference in your case. Gerald Miller has decades of experience representing clients in all different circumstances. No matter what the charges against you are, Gerald Miller and his team of talented and top-notch attorneys can help you get the favorable result you are after. Call the office of Gerald Miller today and set up a free consultation to take the first steps in defending your rights.


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