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Tyler Dahlen

Criminal Defense & DWI Attorney

Tyler Dahlen

Experienced DWI and Criminal Defense Attorney in Minnesota

Above all else, people come first. My passion for representing my clients stems directly from this ideal. People involved in the criminal justice system are treated as just a number, and it takes a talented and dedicated criminal defense attorney to change that narrative.

My approach to criminal defense is to make it personal. Your case is my case. As an attorney, my job is to apply the law to my client’s specific situation and craft a vigorous legal defense. However, I believe that it takes more than an understanding of the law to get you the best results. It takes care, compassion, and communication to fully advocate on your behalf. I want to know why your case is important to you. Learning what you have to lose, and exploring the collateral consequences you may suffer beyond the criminal conviction itself, allows me to tailor my defensive strategy to your unique circumstances.

In criminal defense, especially DWI defense, people may feel they have no chance. However, it is important to understand that oftentimes a client’s actions do not matter. Rather, the actions or inactions of law enforcement can make or break a case. I will spend hours analyzing each and every aspect of a law enforcement investigation for any improper variance in procedure. Sometimes a simple mistake by the police will result in the inadmissibility of crucial evidence that otherwise would have secured a criminal conviction. Continued success in these types of cases is what drives me to keep diving deep into the evidence and procedure to get the best results.

I encourage anyone facing a criminal charge to reach out for an honest and fair assessment of their case. Nobody wants to be in a position where they need a criminal defense attorney, but everyone deserves a fighting chance.


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