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In the relentless pursuit of arrests, police officers may take shortcuts during the DWI arrest process. These shortcuts include unlawful detentions, warrantless searches, and other procedural errors. At trial, prosecutors must have an overwhelming amount of evidence to convict defendants. If such evidence does not exist, the prosecutor cannot prove their case.

Errors like these do not automatically mean a judge will throw the case out of court. Instead, a diligent Minnetonka DWI lawyer, like Gerald Miller, must identify these weaknesses and exploit them. So, we thoroughly evaluate your case during your initial consultation. The extra time we spend on the front end usually produces positive results on the back end.

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Our professional team has over fifty years of combined experience. Ideas like reasonable suspicion, probable cause, and reasonable doubt might seem abstract to some. But to our team, these concepts often make the difference between a favorable resolution and settling for less.

Our experience also extends to practical matters some people overlook. Our DWI defense attorneys personally know court clerks, probation officers, and court coordinators. These individuals are the “power behind the throne” in Minnesota criminal courts. This insight into a court’s inner workings gives us a valuable edge.

Why Choose Gerald Miller

Gerald Miller understands that success means more than “winning” a case. Success means finding the best possible resolution for a particular case. Frequently, that means a pretrial diversion program or a partial dismissal due to a procedural error. Our skilled DWI lawyers never risk our clients’ futures by recklessly proceeding to trial in cases like these.

We have successfully resolved thousands of DWIs in Minnetonka over the years, because we work hard and do not quit. We use this same approach in every case we handle,

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If all these things sound appealing, call us now so our partnership can begin. At Gerald Miller P.A., our clients are not just customers. They are our partners. Working together, we will get through this. That’s our promise to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely you have the right to challenge the accuracy of the field sobriety tests. Being a DWI defense attorney, in Minnetonka I am well aware of flaws in these tests and can carefully evaluate whether they were conducted properly.
Yes unfortunately a DWI conviction does lead to a record. It is crucial to seek representation to explore options for dismissal or reduced charges.
I understand that you may have concerns about fees. As a Minnetonka DWI defense attorney, I offer payment plans and will discuss the potential costs during our initial consultation. Remember that investing in high-quality representation can significantly impact the outcome of your case.
Following a DWI arrest your driving privileges may be subject to restrictions. As your attorney, I will represent you during hearings. Work towards obtaining driving privileges if you are eligible.
Failing a breathalyzer test in Minnetonka does not automatically mean you will be convicted. There are factors, at play. As your defense attorney, we will thoroughly examine your case and explore all possible defenses.
As your defense attorney specializing in DWI cases, I can explore defenses. Question the accuracy of the test results.
While it is, within your rights to represent yourself it is risky to deal with a DWI case without assistance. I strongly discourage it because navigating the system without expertise can lead to consequences in Minnetonka.
With over four decades of experience as a DWI defense attorney since 1972 I bring knowledge of Minnesota DWI laws. My proven track record of success and dedication to providing representation make me an effective advocate, for my clients.

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