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How Much is Bond for a DWI in Minnetonka?

Most of the time, an arrest for driving while impaired (DWI) in Minnetonka will result in a night in jail. The following morning, law enforcement will typically release that person from custody with a court date and their possessions. In some cases, getting out of jail might not be so easy.

If you are charged with gross misdemeanor or felony DWI, you could be required to post bail before you are released pending trial. If you lack the financial resources to make bail, a bail bondsmen might be able to help you post a bond.

Your attorney could also play a role in this situation. Our firm could work to have you released pending trial without the need to make bail. If you have been arrested for DWI in Minnetonka, contact the attorneys of Gerald Miller as soon as possible.


What does a Bail Bondsman Do?

Bail is the amount of money the court will require you to pay in exchange for early release from jail. If you pay the bail amount set in your case, you can avoid a lengthy pre-trial detention. However, if you fail to make your court appearances or otherwise break the conditions of your release, you could forfeit the bail money you paid to the court.

Bail can be expensive. For many people, paying the full amount of bail is not financially possible. That’s where a bail bond comes in. It is possible to bond out of jail by working with a bondsman. By paying a percentage of your bail amount to the bondsman plus a fee, they could secure your release pending trial. This allows you to get out of jail even if you lack the financial means to pay the full amount.


Types of Bail in Minnesota

In most states, the judge will set a single amount for bail. That is not the case in Minnesota. Under Minnesota law, there are two different types of bail and the amount for each will differ. The two types of bail are conditional and unconditional.


Unconditional Bail

Of the two options, unconditional bail is more expensive than conditional bail. This is because outside of the monetary requirements there are few conditions on your release. Individuals with access to resources often choose this option.


Conditional Bail

Conditional bail comes with more strings attached. In addition to the monetary requirement, the court could also require you to meet other conditions like avoiding alcohol or keeping in regular contact with your attorney. The trade off is that this bail amount is less than the unconditional amount.


Release Without Bond

A bond is not always necessary for a DWI case in Minnetonka. In fact, that vast majority of people arrested for DWI are able to secure their release from jail without the need for a bond. This is because most people that are arrested for DWI are first-time offenders. In these cases, the police are likely to release the individual on their own recognizance pending trial.

Release on your own recognizance—commonly referred to as “ROR”—is the release from jail pending trial in exchange for a promise to appear in court. At the time you leave the jail, the police will provide you with formal notice of your first court date. If you attend that court date and all following proceedings, you are allowed to remain out of jail until your case is concluded.

There are consequences that can come with failing to uphold your end of the bargain following ROR. If you miss a court appearance, you can expect the judge to issue a warrant for your arrest. If this happens, you are likely to be required to make bail in order to get out of jail pending trial.


Talk to an Attorney About Your DWI Arrest Today In Minnetonka

Whether or not you will need to pay a bond after your DWI arrest will depend on different factors. If you are a first-time offender facing a misdemeanor charge, you are likely to be released without bail. If you are facing more serious DWI charges, it is possible the court could require a bond. Contact the attorneys of Gerald Miller to learn how we could help you with every aspect of your DWI case.

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