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What is Strong Arm Robbery in Minnesota?

Strong arm robbery is a term used to describe a type of robbery that involves physical force. This informal term could be used in relation to a robbery involving an assault or simply the act of physically taking an object away from another person without their consent.

While Minnesota state law does not directly address strong arm robbery, it does provide for a number of robbery-based offenses. Each of these offenses are serious charges that bring with it the potential for a lengthy prison term.

If you have been accused of participating in a strong arm robbery, it is vital that you seek legal representation right away. Your attorney could advise you on your rights and help you fight back against the prosecution. To learn more about your legal options, reach out to a robbery charges lawyer at Gerald Miller as soon as possible.

Understanding Strong Arm Robbery in Minnesota

The definition of a strong arm robbery varies from one jurisdiction to another. Some states consider strong arm robbery as a specific criminal offense. Others treat this offense as any other type of robbery charge.

The one thing most jurisdictions agree on is that a strong arm robbery involves the use or threat of force. Some states refer to strong arm robbery as any robbery attempt that involves non-lethal force. Other states consider a strong arm robbery to be a larceny offense using the threat of violence. For that reason, the ramifications of this offense can vary substantially across state lines.

How Minnesota Law Addresses Strong Arm Robbery

The term “strong arm robbery” is not found anywhere in Minnesota statute. Likewise, there is not a specific offense dedicated to this type of criminal behavior. However, conduct that is generally considered “strong arm robbery” is covered by the robbery statutes that exist under current state law.

In Minnesota, robbery is always considered a felony. State statutes divide this offense into two different categories: simple and aggravated robbery. The maximum penalties for each of these convictions can be lengthy.

Simple Robbery in Minnesota

The baseline for robbery charges in Minnesota is a charge for simple robbery. These charges will only be considered aggravated robbery if facts exist to enhance the charge to something more.

Simple robbery occurs when a person is accused of taking property from another person. This taking must occur in the presence of the victim, and it cannot be done with their freely-given consent. This offense also requires the use or threat of force to cause imminent bodily harm.

Despite its name, simple robbery is one a serious crime that carries harsh penalties. A conviction could result in a up to 10 years in prison and a maximum fine of $20,000.

Aggravated Robbery in Minnesota

Compared to simple robbery, the consequences for a conviction of aggravated robbery in MN are much higher. There are two types of aggravated robbery offense under state law: first and second degree aggravated robbery.

First degree aggravated robbery occurs when a person commits a robbery while either armed with a dangerous weapon or when they inflict bodily harm on their victim. A conviction for first degree aggravated robbery carries up to 20 years in prison and a fine of no more than $35,000.

Second degree aggravated robbery is the appropriate charge when a person implies that they are armed with a dangerous weapon. This charge is used when a person pretends to hold a firearm or other dangerous weapon during the course of a robbery, even though the are unarmed. A conviction for second degree aggravated robbery could bring a prison term of up to 15 years as well as a fine of no more than $30,000.

Discuss Your Case with a Robbery Charges Lawyer in Minneapolis

If you are charged with robbery in Minnesota, it is important to understand what is at stake. A felony robbery conviction could result in years in prison and a lifetime of challenges.

The good news is that an arrest is not the same as a conviction. In many cases, robbery charges are defensible. With the right attorney you might be able to avoid a conviction or have the charges against you lowered.

The attorneys at Gerald Miller know how to take on a robbery charge and win. To learn more about how we can help, schedule your free consultation right away.

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