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Theft in Minnesota

Being accused of shoplifting or a theft crime can change a person’s life forever, as well as the way other people view them. Under Minnesota law, theft offenses are extremely varied. It could be anything from walking out of a store without paying to being accused of deceiving someone for a larger monetary gain. A charge and the resulting sentence very much depends on the circumstances surrounding the alleged offense, and prosecution will consider both the value of the stolen property as well as how exactly it was taken when determining the ultimate sentence. Make sure your rights are defended throughout your case and hire the Minneapolis Criminal Defense Lawyers at the law office of Gerald Miller today.

Should I Contact Minneapolis DWI and Criminal Defense Lawyer?

With decades of experience in handling all sorts of charges and cases, the Minneapolis Criminal Defense Lawyers at the office of Gerald Miller can help you get a favorable result in your case. You may be confused and have a lot of questions, but take the first steps in strengthening your defense by calling Gerald Miller and setting up a free consultation today. Defend your rights, with Gerald Miller and his team of Minneapolis Criminal Defense Lawyers.


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