Ignition Interlock Procedure

The Minnesota Legislature has recently broadened the scope of the Ignition Interlock Program. The Ignition Interlock Program requires that certain drivers install a device in their vehicles which measures and reports their alcohol concentration level each time they start the vehicle and while operating the vehicle. The program allows offenders to regain their driving privileges while their regular licenses are revoked.

Generally, a driver who has had his driving privileges revoked may choose to enroll in the program. Time may be extended for any violations noted while a person is enrolled in the program. The following chart represents the general time a driver may be expected to be in the program:

Alcohol Concentration Level 1st Alcohol Offense 2nd Alcohol Offense in 10 Years or 3rd Alcohol Offense on Record
Under 0.16 90 Days (21 and Over) 1 Year
0.16+ 1 Year 2 Years
Test Refusal 1 Year 2 Years

Eligibility for Ignition Interlock Program

For an individual to be eligible for the Ignition Interlock Program the person must:

  • Be at least 21 years of age;
  • Pass the DWI driver’s license exam;
  • Pay a $680 reinstatement fee;
  • Complete an application for a new driver’s license;
  • Own or drive a vehicle with a valid insurance at the time the ignition interlock is installed;
  • Have no outstanding withdrawals which would prohibit the issuance of a limited of full license;
  • Go to the Deputy Registrar to purchase special plated if license plates have been impounded;
  • Have no existing withdrawals in any other state;
  • Not be subject to Vanessa’s Law;
  • Sign Waiver of Rights which can be obtained by contacting Driver and Vehicle Servers.

The cost of the device varies from vendor to vendor.

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For more information see the Minnesota Ignition Interlock Statute 171.306.

For a review of the ignition interlock procedure see the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

Copy of the Ignition Interlock Agreement.