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Assault Charge in Minnesota

The laws for assault in the state of Minnesota are some of the toughest in the country, and if you have been charged with an assault crime you may be facing the prospect of serving a lengthy prison term, not to mention a hefty fine. A first degree assault, for example, is characterized by physically assaulting someone to the point of great bodily harm, or in other words putting a person at risk of death, causing disfigurement or loss of use. First degree assault is a felony charge and carries up to 20 years in prison with $30,000 in fines. There is also the possibility of facing second, third, fourth and fifth degree assault charges. If you are facing an assault charge, contact experienced criminal defense attorneys Minneapolis right away.

Should I Contact Assault Charges Defense Lawyers Minneapolis?

If you are facing assault charges in Minnesota, having a solid and experienced criminal defense attorneys Minneapolis team defending your rights is critical. Gerald Miller has decades of experience defending clients with all different kinds of cases and charges against them. When you are facing charges and have questions about the next steps, contact Gerald Miller and get started with a free consultation.


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