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No two attorneys are exactly alike. Each attorney brings their education, background, experience, and personality that is unique. For that reason, there are many factors to consider when hiring a criminal defense attorney. When you’re researching how to hire a criminal defense attorney in Minneapolis, it can become overwhelming. Know that your choice is important, as your legal counsel could play a pivotal role in your acquittal or conviction.

It is vital that you identify the attorney that will put you in the best position to obtain a favorable outcome in your case. In some instances, your attorney could negotiate a dismissal of the charges against you or win an acquittal at trial. The right attorney could maximize your chances of getting the favorable outcome you deserve. Contact a Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer at Gerald Miller right away to learn more.

Seek Out an Experienced Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney

One of the first things to look for in hiring a criminal defense attorney should be experience. However, not all experience is created equally. A long track record of practicing law is nice, only in when that experience involves criminal cases similar to yours. After all, an attorney who has only practiced estate planning law during their career may not have much to offer your defense—even if they have been actively practicing law for decades.

Criminal experience is important, but experience with cases similar you to yours should be a priority. Many attorneys largely focus on a specific area of criminal law. It is helpful to know if your prospective attorney has defended the charge you are currently facing or not. If they have handled a similar case before, you can ask them about their approach during your initial consultation.

Value Local Minneapolis and Minnesota Knowledge

It is also helpful to hire a criminal defense attorney with experience in your jurisdiction. Every court is different. In fact, some courts only a few miles apart could have dramatically different procedures, likely outcomes, and unwritten rules.

Having an attorney that has had success in the court where your charges lie can benefit you tremendously. They could help you understand what to expect from a judge during sentencing or help you weigh a settlement offer. This type of knowledge is invaluable to anyone facing a criminal charge.

Key In On Communication

When you hire an attorney to defend you against a criminal charge, it is understandable if you have a lot of questions. Not only do you deserve an attorney that will advocate on your behalf, you also deserve one that will keep you up to date on your case. For that reason, finding an attorney that is a strong communicator can benefit you.

Communication goes beyond just returning your call in a reasonable amount of time. You also deserve to know if you will have direct contact with the attorney you hired. In some cases, you may never talk to the attorney you met with during your consultation again if they hand off the case to an associate.

Find an Attorney You Mesh With

Criminal cases can take months to resolve. During that time, you can expect to be in close proximity with your attorney. For that reason, it is helpful if you get along with your legal counsel on a personal level. Personality conflicts could take the focus off of your defense and hinder your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome in your case.

You could get a feel for an attorney during the course of an initial consultation. In many cases, you could determine in short order whether a prospective attorney is a good fit or if they rub you the wrong way. You need every advantage you can get when facing criminal charges, and having an attorney you trust and get along with is helpful.

Talk to a Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney at Gerald Miller

Many of the factors in your criminal case will be out of your control Researching how to hire a criminal defense attorney in Minneapolis is one of the most important factors within your control. The state will determine who prosecutes your offense, and you will have no say in your judge either. Your choice of attorney is one area where you have the final decision.

By carefully choosing your criminal defense attorney, you could ensure that you maximize your odds for a favorable outcome at trial. Reach out to the attorneys of Gerald Miller right away to schedule your free consultation.

Cody Wright

Cody Wright is a dedicated DWI/DUI lawyer at Gerald Miller P.A. in Minnesota. He ensures your voice is heard in a system that often discourages the accused from speaking up. He has received his law degree from Mitchell College of Law.


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