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Can Forgery Charges Be Dropped in Minneapolis?

Forgery charges can come about in a variety of circumstances. In Minnesota, forgery can involve mutilating a document or crafting a false version of a genuine document. Forgery can also involve the act of possessing, containing, or using a forged document or currency. Under any of these circumstances, you would face a potential felony case if you are charged.

The good news is that an arrest for forgery never guarantees a conviction. Like with any criminal offense, it is possible for the prosecutor to drop forgery charges against you. However, there is no guarantee that the state will agree to do so—even if the supposed victim is not interested in pursuing charges.

If you have been charged with forgery in Minnesota, our team of experienced lawyers can help you fight back against these charges. Contact a Minneapolis forgery charges lawyer of Gerald Miller as soon as possible to get started.

The Right to Drop Charges

In Minnesota, prosecutors have the power to dismiss any criminal charges—including the offense of forgery. No private citizen, from the accused to the alleged victims, have any say in whether or not the prosecutor will drop a forgery charge. It is entirely the prerogative of the prosecutor whether to pursue a case or dismiss it.

That does not mean that having your case dismissed is impossible. With the right attorney and an aggressive defense, seeing the charges against you dropped could be a reality.

How Your Attorney Could Fight For a Dismissal

The stronger the defense your attorney builds, the more likely they are to help with having your charges dropped. This process begins early on with your attorney investigating the allegations against you. If they can determine that the case against you is weak or that law enforcement violated your rights, you might be able to have your charges dropped entirely.

If you’re facing forgery charges, the state could drop charges due to your attorney making a strong case that they lack the evidence for a conviction. Forgery cases can be difficult to prove and rely heavy on expert witnesses. If your attorney can poke holes in the evidence against you, the state might decide it is not worth pursuing the charge. The same could be true if your counsel can establish that your rights were violated by the police. Forgery cases require documentary evidence for a conviction in most situations. If the police obtain evidence to use against you through an illegal search or seizure, that could be the grounds you need to see your case dismissed. If you’re asking can forgery charges be dropped, the answer is yes, but under certain circumstances.

Alternatives to Dropping Forgery Charges

The ultimate goal of any defense attorney following an arrest forgery is to see those charges dismissed entirely. While this a best-case scenario, it is not the only favorable outcome possible in a forgery case. Your defense attorney could work towards other favorable outcomes as well.

One option available to the defense is pushing the state to amend a forgery charge to a lesser offense. Not only does the prosecution have the ability to dismiss charges completely, they are also empowered to alter the charge itself. This could occur in conjunction with a plea deal or simply because the state determined they could not prove the original charge.

Ultimately, not every forgery charge will be dismissed or reduced. In these cases, your best option for a positive outcome involves an acquittal. By prevailing at trial, you will prevent the state from ever being able to bring the same forgery charge against you again.

If you’re wondering can forgery charges be dropped, it’s at least good to know that forgery charges are defensible. Whether it is obtaining a dismissing or winning at trial, it is possible to avoid a conviction in many situations. Taking on a forgery allegation and prevailing can be difficult without the guidance of a seasoned criminal defense attorney, however.

Talk to Gerald Miller About a Forgery Charge

There is no guarantee that the prosecutor will drop forgery charges against you. In some cases, this is true no matter how weak the evidence against you might be. If you’re asking can forgery charges be dropped, one answer is that with the right attorney, you could increase your chances of seeing the charges against you dropped or reduced. The Minneapolis forgery charges lawyers of Gerald Miller know what is at stake with a forgery charge and are ready to help you fight back. Call right away to schedule your free consultation.

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