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Prosecutors get noticed by convicting defendants. As such, if there is any scenario in which the defendant might be guilty, the state pursues charges to the fullest extent of the law. Prosecutors usually care little or nothing about individual rights, fairness, or justice. Therefore, if a shortcut is available, prosecutors usually take it.

Gerald Miller, a diligent Woodbury DWI lawyer, never takes shortcuts. As passionately as the state feels about convictions, that’s how we feel about individual rights. We have learned over the years that there are no effective shortcuts in this area. That’s why we work hard to build a defense that upholds your rights. Our DWI defense attorneys always serve as a strong and effective voice for you.

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Gerald Miller is one of the most experienced DWI lawyers in Woodbury. Vast experience is not always an advantage, because these individuals often are reluctant to innovate. But in this case, the experience is a very good thing.

Specific DWI laws have changed significantly over the years. But the underlying criminal law remains essentially unchanged. At Gerald Miller P.A., we have immersed ourselves in criminal law. That means our DWI lawyers usually identify key details that others might overlook. In other words, because of our experience, we know what we are looking for, and we know how to use this information.

Why Choose Gerald Miller

Woodbury DWI lawyer Gerald Miller tries new things and uses proven methods to successfully resolve criminal cases in Washington County and nearby jurisdictions.

We do not define success narrowly. We do not need a dramatic courtroom win to publicly bolster our egos. If our DWI attorneys can successfully resolve a case with a quiet out-of-court settlement, we’ll do that. If we can convince prosecutors to offer pretrial diversion or another such alternative, we’ll do that too. Whatever it takes to get results.

What Comes Next

Take the first step now by scheduling your free case evaluation. DWI arrests and prosecutions are very long chains. If there are any weak links in that chain, we identify and focus on them in order to break the chain. This approach has worked well for many years, and we are confident it will work for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Expungement may be an option for DWI cases. There are certain requirements and waiting periods to consider. As a DWI defense attorney in Woodbury, I can assess your situation. Provide you with insights into the likelihood of obtaining an expungement.
Choosing the DWI defense attorney is crucial for your case. It's important to look for someone with experience, a proven track record of success, and a dedication to providing representation. Throughout my years of serving clients in Woodbury, I have fought diligently to safeguard their rights.
Following a DWI arrest there is a possibility that your license could face suspension. However, as your DWI defense attorney, I can represent you during license suspension hearings. Work towards protecting your driving privileges.
Various elements can impact the result of a DWI case in Woodbury; these include evidence presented, record, level of cooperation with authorities, and quality of legal representation. Leveraging my experience in matters I will identify the strengths and weaknesses within your case. Construct a strong defense strategy.
DMV hearings are imperative when it comes to preserving your driving privileges following a DWI arrest. As your defense lawyer, I can represent you during the DMV hearing and present arguments to safeguard your driving privileges.
Certainly, a DWI conviction can have repercussions, including the loss of employment particularly if your job requires a clean driving record. A strong defense can help mitigate these risks.
Absolutely there are instances where plea agreements can be reached for DWI charges. Drawing upon my experience as a DWI defense attorney I have successfully negotiated plea deals for clients, in Woodbury by reducing charges and minimizing penalties.

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