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Sex crimes are some of the most serious offenses recognized under Minnesota law. If you have been arrested under suspicion of these crimes, it is vital that you seek out legal help. A conviction could result in lengthy incarceration, costly fines, and a lifetime as a registered sex offender.  

No one should ever have to face these allegations alone. Thankfully, you are entitled to a vigorous defense by an attorney. Hiring the right legal counsel could put you in a position where you are able to avoid a conviction and walk away free without facing any penalties. 

The attorneys of Gerald Miller understand how to build a defense strategy against allegations that are likely to inflame emotions on all sides. Our legal practice is focused on representing those accused of serious crimes. Reach out to a Minneapolis sex crimes lawyer to discuss your options during a free consultation.

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Many attorneys are happy to accept any client who walks in the doors. These general practitioners handle everything from divorce cases to business transactions, but they have little time to focus on the complexity and nuance of criminal law. 

The attorneys of Gerald Miller stand apart from these firms. We are narrowly focused on criminal law, which allows us to spend our time learning and developing skills that will help our clients when they need us the most. 

One of the ways we have found success is by adopting a personalized approach to every case. The allegations against you are unique, and that means a one-size-fits-all defense strategy is unlikely to work. We will carefully evaluate the facts surrounding your arrest to determine the best strategy available to you. 

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Attorney Gerald Miller has been fighting for the rights of the accused since 1979. Since that time, the firm has obtained more than 10,000 favorable outcomes on behalf of the accused. Our attorneys have more than 50 years of combined experience, and we look forward to putting it to work on your behalf. 

We believe we can provide you with strong legal counsel, but you don’t have to take our word for it. You can review our prior case results to see how our approach has worked for other people in similar situations. While these past results never guarantee future success, it is proof that favorable outcomes could be possible with our help.

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While it is never easy to face criminal charges under any circumstance, sex offenses can be especially troubling. These charges carry a stigma that is impossible to ignore. With prosecutors aggressively pursuing a conviction, your situation can feel hopeless. 

It is important to understand that while uncertainty is part of this process, a conviction in your case is never certain. You have the right to defend yourself at trial, and this approach could result in the dismissal of the charges against you. 

The attorneys of Gerald Miller are ready to help you navigate the criminal justice system. We can work tirelessly to reduce the impact your case has on your life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Attorneys in Minneapolis set their own fee structure. That means there is no simple answer to the question “how much will a lawyer cost?” The factors that go into determining what your case is worth can also vary. Some of the factors that might impact what your attorney charges includes the complexity of your case and their experience with criminal cases.

The way these attorneys structure their fees can also vary. Some lawyer will take a criminal case on a flat fee basis. This means you pay a lump sum upfront and then your lawyer handles your case from start to finish. Others track the amount of time they spend on your case and bill your by the hour.

Still have questions? Our firm is ready with the answers. When you schedule a free consultation with the attorneys of Gerald Miller, can ask about our fee structure while learning more about how we can help.
It is important to understand the distinction between being charged with a sex crime in Minneapolis and being convicted of one. An arrest on suspicion of a sex offense can damage your reputation and impact your quality of life. These issues are only a fraction of what comes with a conviction, however.

If you are found guilty on these charges, you face the prospect of incarceration and steep monetary fines. If you were arrested for a felony offense, you might be sentenced to several years in prison.

There are other consequences to be aware of when it comes to sex crime convictions. State law requires that you register as a sex offender. While on this registry, you are required to keep the public updated on your living situation and stay away from places like schools. Being a registered sex offender can follow you for the rest of your life.
It may be possible to have your sex crime charges dismissed in Minneapolis. While our team is ready to work tirelessly to bring these charges to an end, there is no guarantee our efforts will be successful.

One option involves asking the prosecution to dismiss the charges against you. This will only work in cases where you have a high likelihood to prevail at trial. A common example involves cases where your lawyer is able to exclude some or all of the state’s evidence against you.
You are entitled to legal counsel when you are facing the prospect of incarceration, but you are not obligated to accept it. While this decision is yours to make, acting as your own lawyer is risky.

There are numerous pitfalls throughout the criminal justice system. From missed legal deadlines to the failure to comply with the rules of evidence, these mistakes could derail your prospects of an acquittal at trial. Hiring a Minneapolis sex crimes lawyer could provide you with the best chance of beating these charges and walking away with a clean record.
It is often possible to reach a plea bargain in Minneapolis sex offense cases. While there is no guarantee that the state will make you an offer, they are commonplace in these cases. Prosecutors are often overwhelmed with their case load and are happy to reduce it by working out a plea bargain.

That does not mean the offer they make you will be in your best interests. It is often necessary to negotiate with the state in order to get a reasonable outcome to your case. With our help, we might be able to work out a plea to something other than a sex offense. If the evidence is strong enough to result in a conviction at trial, we can work to reduce the consequences.

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