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Facing allegations of a sex crime can feel hopeless. These charges are serious, and the state is known for aggressively pursuing a conviction. If you have been arrested on these charges, it is vital to understand they are often defensible. You could secure a favorable outcome in your case, especially with the right legal counsel by your side. 

Your attorney could assist you during every phase of your criminal case. Their efforts start with investigating your arrest and can continue until your trial concludes. The choice you make when it comes to hiring a defense lawyer could have a major impact on the outcome of your case. 

The attorneys of Gerald Miller know what comes with an arrest for a sexually-based offense. Our team knows what it takes to beat these charges, and we have a track record of success we can rely on. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation. 

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Some attorneys choose to take every client that walks through the door. From divorce cases to speeding tickets, they practice in multiple areas of the law. While their focus is broad, they do not have the opportunity to go into minute details of criminal defense law. 

The attorneys of Gerald Miller are not general practitioners. We are focused exclusively on advocating on behalf of those accused of crimes. Our firm has a long track record of success in the criminal arena, and we know what it takes to hold the prosecution to their burden of proof. 

One of the keys to our success is our personalized approach to criminal defense law. No two sex crime allegations are identical. In order to secure the best possible outcome on your behalf, our team will need to base your defense strategy on the facts of your arrest. This approach has served our clients well over the years; you can see it from our case results.

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Founding attorney Gerald Miller has been practicing criminal law since 1979. Since that time, the firm has helped resolve more than 10,000 criminal cases with a favorable outcome. This work has led to awards from the National Trial Lawyers and the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys. 

Together, our attorneys have more than 50 years of combined experience handling criminal cases. We pride ourselves on aggressively fighting for our clients while providing compassionate counsel to them and their families. We are not afraid to put in the work needed to get you the outcome you deserve.

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There are big hurdles to overcome in sex crime cases. The allegations alone can make it difficult for you to maintain personal relationships or keep your job. As challenging as that can be, a conviction is substantially more problematic. You could face years in jail and spend the rest of your life on a sex offender registry. 

We know facing these charges can be overwhelming, but it is important not to feel hopeless. The attorneys of Gerald Miller can help you manage the stress of these charges by handling every aspect of your case. We can provide you with peace of mind knowing we have done everything possible to obtain a fair outcome on your behalf. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

When attorneys take on criminal cases, they have the opportunity to set their legal fees as they see fit. Lawyers handling sex crimes cases base their fees on many different factors. An attorney’s experience will often be the primary factor they consider when setting their rates. Lawyers also take into account their current client base and the complexity of a case when determining what they charge.

The way a lawyer bills their client can vary. In criminal cases, a common approach is to bill by the hour. This involves setting an hourly rate and then keeping track of the amount of time they work on a case. There is also the option for lump sum billing. That means a client would pay a flat fee up front before their lawyer takes on their case.

Some of the consequences of a sex crime conviction are no different than any other criminal charge. If you are found guilty, you can face the potential for incarceration. When it comes to felony sex crimes, this could result in you spending years behind bars. A conviction might also bring steep monetary fines and the loss of your voting rights.

There are also consequences that are unique to sex crime cases. The most common of these involves mandatory sex offender registration. The state manages a registry that includes details on everyone that lives in the state that is registered as a sex offender. These mandatory registration requirements could follow you for the rest of your life.

Thankfully, these penalties are associated with a conviction—not an arrest. You have the right to mount a defense in your sex crime case, and if you are successful you could avoid a conviction entirely. Our firm is ready to help you fight back against these harmful allegations.
There are two parties that have the power to drop your charges: the prosecutor and the judge. The prosecution will typically pursue these cases in an aggressive manner. However, they might dismiss your charges if it is clear they will be unable to win at trial. The most common situation where this occurs is when your attorney is able to have key evidence against you thrown out before trial.

If the prosecutor won’t drop your charges, the judge might agree to. Your attorney must file a motion with the court to ensure they consider the matter, as a judge will not dismiss a criminal case on their own in most situations.
Only you can decide if you need a lawyer for your sex crimes case. That said, you face tremendous legal jeopardy when you are being prosecuted for a sexually-based offense. Having a lawyer on your side is a way to even the odds.

You can count on the state to aggressively pursue a conviction against you. They will rely on the resources of the state and the manpower of the police to build the strongest case against you possible. Your lawyer could help you even the odds.
It is often possible to negotiate a plea agreement for sex crime charges in Fridley. The state is typically happy to resolve these cases without a trial, as it removes one more case from their docket. However, that doesn’t mean the plea offer will be fair or reasonable.

The attorneys of Gerald Miller can negotiate a plea bargain on your behalf. Our goal is reduce the penalties you face and potentially help you avoid having a sex offense on your criminal record.

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