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An allegation of sexual wrongdoing can follow you for years. A conviction for a sex crime on the other hand can haunt you for the rest of your life. From prison sentences to lasting damage to your reputation, this conviction can have a devastating impact on you and your family. 

The good news is that not ever arrest will result in a sex crimes conviction. You have the right to defend yourself in these cases, and an attorney could give you the best shot at a favorable outcome. Not every attorney is suited for the job, however. 

The attorneys of Gerald Miller are focused on criminal defense law. We know what these allegations mean to you, and we are ready to help you fight back. If you are ready to discuss your options with a Crystal sex crimes lawyer, contact us as soon as possible for a free consultation.

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When you are facing serious legal jeopardy, you deserve an attorney that is focused on criminal law. Some attorneys are content practicing in countless areas of the law, but this general approach limits their ability to gain the kind of meaningful experience your case deserves. 

The attorneys of Gerald Miller are criminal defense attorneys. We live and breathe advocating for the accused, and we are proud of our case results. This approach has led us to countless successful outcomes on behalf of our clients.

One of our keys to success is our personalized approach. The allegations against you are unique, which means you need a defense strategy that is tailored to the facts of your case. Facing accusations of sexual wrongdoing can be difficult to face, but you don’t have to deal with this on your own.

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Convictions for Sex Crimes Bring Profound, Life-Altering Consequences

Our firm has been protecting the civil rights of our clients for many years. Since 1979, attorney Gerald Miller has been a fierce advocate for those accused of crimes. During his career, he has secured more than 10,000 successful resolutions on behalf of his clients. 

Our team cares about getting you results. We have more than 50 years of combined experience handling criminal cases, and we look forward to the chance to use that experience on your behalf.

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The prospect of facing a sex crimes trial can be daunting. While it might seem like there is no end in sight, the reality is that these cases are often resolved successfully. From winning at trial to having the charges reduced, there are many ways you could obtain a favorable result in your case. 

Our attorneys know how these charges can weigh on you. That is why we are always there to take the burden from your shoulders and simplify this process as much as possible. The peace of mind that comes with knowing your case is in good hands is invaluable. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

After your arrest, one of your first thoughts is “where do I get a lawyer?” Your second thought is likely “how much is this going to cost?” The reality is that there is no uniform fee structure for sex crimes lawyers in Crystal. Every attorney sets their own fees and billing structures.

Many criminal defense attorneys handle cases on an hourly basis. They set their rates, keep track of their hours, and bill their clients for the work they perform. This approach often come with a retainer, which is an upfront payment that lawyers can draw from.

Some defense attorneys will agree to handle these cases for a flat fee. This is usually paid upfront. While these options can be confusing, the good news is that you never have to guess what your representation might cost you. You can ask about our fee structure during a free consultation.
There are several potential consequences that come with a sex crime conviction in Crystal. These charges are generally treated as felonies, and a conviction could cost you your constitutional rights related to gun ownership or the ability to vote. There are also steep monetary fines to be aware of.

For most people, the primary concern is the risk of incarceration. If you are convicted of this offense, you could spend years in prison. What’s more, you might spend the rest of your life registered as a sex offender. This will follow you long after your jail term ends.

It is important to remember the difference between an arrest and conviction. While being accused of a sex crime is a difficult thing, the worst of these consequences only occur when you are convicted. That is why it is so vital to fight back against these charges. A strong defense strategy could help you avoid these penalties entirely by winning at trial or seeing your case dismissed.
Getting your sex crimes charges dropped in Crystal might be possible, but it is rarely easy. Prosecutors are known for aggressively pursuing these cases, so you should not count on them dismissing your charges out of the goodness of their heart.

That said, the state will drop charges in certain scenarios. If it is clear that they lack the evidence to secure a conviction, they might dismiss the case to avoid losing at trial. This is most common in situations where your attorney was successful in having evidence excluded.

You have other options as well. Your attorney could file a motion with the court asking a judge to dismiss your case. If the state violated your rights the court might agree to dismiss your charges entirely.
You are the only person that can decide if you need an attorney or not. You might have the right to act as your own legal counsel, but that does not mean it is a good idea. Sex crimes cases are complex, and a single error could dramatically impact your freedom.

There are legal deadlines to be aware, antiquated rules of evidence to navigate, other legal issues that are difficult to navigate without help. The good news is you have the right to hire an attorney that will serve as your advocate. Having the guidance of a lawyer could help you get the outcome you deserve.
The state typically makes plea offers in these cases. While there is no guarantee that a prosecutor will do so, they generally look for ways to lessen their caseload and avoid trial when possible.

Getting a plea offer is one thing. Ensuring it is worth taking is another. Not every offer will be reasonable, but your attorney can review it and advise you on whether or not it is in your best interest to accept. One of the key issues to consider is whether or not you will be convicted of a sex crime or some other type of offense.

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