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Dealing with accusations of sexual misconduct is never easy, especially when you have been charged with a crime. It is not unusual for the accused to find themselves isolated during the most trying time in their life. The right legal counsel could provide important support in the aftermath of an arrest.

If you are currently facing allegations of a sex crime, the consequences of a conviction could change your life forever. While these charges can feel impossible to resolve, the truth is you might be able to secure a favorable outcome to your case with the help of our team. The attorneys of Gerald Miller know what it takes to face down the prosecution in a sex crimes trial and win. Our firm is focused on advocating for the accused, and we will work tirelessly on your behalf. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Our firm is a criminal defense law firm—end of story. While many lawyers are open to taking on a wide range of cases, we are narrowly focused for a reason. Every moment we spend on something other than criminal law is a moment we are not learning and improving on what we do best. We believe this focus allows us to provide the strongest possible defenses in a Robbinsdale sex crimes case.

We also understand that every case is different. You deserve a defense strategy that is carefully tailored to the facts of your arrest. While there might be a wide range of possible defense strategies available to you, we can determine what will give you the best shot at a fair outcome based on your personal circumstances. 


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The attorneys of Gerald Miller have more than 50 years of combined experience in criminal defense law. We understand what is at stake when it comes to sex crime prosecutions, and are ready to help you navigate the process. Dealing with these challenges can seem impossible, but our firm has a track record of success that shows what may be possible in your case. 

Since 1979, Gerald Miller has focused his career on standing up for the accused. A fierce advocate of constitutional rights, he takes an aggressive approach to every case. If you are ready to fight for the best possible outcome in your sex crimes case, our firm is ready to stand by your side. 

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For many people, being accused of a sex crime is the most difficult thing they have ever had to face. While it is natural to feel scared or hopeless in this situation, your best bet is rely on the guidance of experienced defense lawyers. There are many possible outcomes in these cases, and securing one that is in your best interest might be possible. 

When you hire the attorneys of Gerald Miller, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing our firm will handle every aspect of your case. We will appear in court on your behalf, investigate the allegations against you, and answer your questions along the way. Our firm will proudly advocate on your behalf from the beginning of your case until the end. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is not a uniform cost or fee when it comes to hiring a sex crimes lawyer in Robbinsdale. Each attorney has the opportunity to set their own fee structure, with many choosing to bill by the hour. That means your lawyer will keep track of every minute they spend on your case and bill you according to their hourly rate. Other lawyers might agree to take your case on a lump-sum basis.

Different factors can influence what an attorney chooses to charge. Experience is the most common factor, followed by notoriety. While it might not be obvious what a lawyer plans to charge, you have an opportunity to learn more about the cost of your sex crimes defense during a free consultation with Gerald Miller. We can answer your questions not only about your case but also about our fee structure.
In some ways, sex crimes have the same consequences as any other serious criminal matter. If you are found guilty of a felony, you can expect to spend years in prison in some cases. This is on top of an extensive monetary fine that comes with a conviction. Felony convictions can also impact you in other ways, like costing you the right to own a firearm of vote in a federal election.

There are also penalties that are unique to sex offenses, and they still follow you long after you have served your time behind bars. First and foremost, these cases can have a lasting impact on your reputation. This can prevent you from maintaining relationships or holding down employment.

If you are convicted of a sex offense, you could also be forced to register as a offender. This sex offender registry requires you to provide your address to the public and avoid certain locations, like schools.
You have the opportunity to ask for your charges to be dismissed, but there is no guarantee these efforts will succeed. Two different entities have the power to drop the case against you, the prosecutor and the judge.

Prosecutors are not included to drop a case without a good reason, especially when it comes to sex crimes. However, they can often be convinced to do so when they evidence of innocence is overwhelming. If the state refuses to cooperate, our firm could file a motion to dismiss your case and let a judge make a ruling on the matter.
Handling these cases on your own is a risky proposition. You can expect the state to rely on their prosecutors and the police to build a case against you. When the stakes are this high, it could backfire if you refuse to find someone that can even the playing field.

An attorney could assist with your case in several important ways. They could advise you on potential plea offers, file a motion to dismiss your case, and prepare you should your case ultimately go to trial. They can also ensure you avoid the kinds of mistakes that might lead you to a conviction on sex crimes.
Plea offers are a common occurrence in Robbinsdale sex crime prosecution. However, the state is under no obligation to make that offer reasonable. One of the mistakes that people make when they act as their own attorney is that they assume the offer from the state is the best they’re going to get.

In reality, it is often possible to negotiate with the state in order to secure a better deal. While no one wants to plead guilty to a crime, there are situations where the best-case scenario might involve negotiating a guilty plea for a lesser offense that is not considered a sex crime.

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