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While you should take any criminal offense seriously, there are things that carry more long-term consequences than a conviction for a sex crime. Sex charges can result in lengthy prison terms, steep fines, and a lifetime on the sex offender registry. 

These outcomes are bleak, but they are also frequently avoidable. You have the right to defend yourself at trial, and you are also entitled to the support of legal counsel. The right attorney could help you investigate your case, determine a defense strategy, and fight for a favorable outcome. 

The attorneys of Gerald Miller know what it takes to take on the prosecutors and win. Sex crime charges are defensible, and our team of attorneys has the skill and experience needed to help you maximize your chances of a fair outcome. Contact us today to learn more during a free consultation.

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Our law firm is focused exclusively on criminal defense. We don’t handle divorces, immigration cases, or personal injury claims. By focusing our efforts on criminal law, we are able to hone our experience and provide our clients with the best possible representation. Sex offenses are complex, and there are countless details that go into defending against them. Our approach to legal practice lets us focus on getting you the best possible outcome in your case. 

When we take on your case, we will build a personalized defense strategy based on the facts of your arrest. No two cases are the same, and no one-size-fits-all approach will work every time. We are empathetic to the stress you are under when facing a sex crime prosecution, and we will work tirelessly as your advocate every step of the way. 

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The attorneys of Gerald Miller are not strangers to defending allegations of sexual abuse. Since 1979, our firm has fought for the constitutional rights of the accused. Over the years, we have secured successful outcomes in more than 10,000 criminal cases due to our comprehensive approach. 

Together, our attorneys have more than 50 years of combined experience representing clients in criminal cases. Our broad experience provides us with the skills necessary to help you maximize your chances of a positive outcome. There is no question that facing sex offense charges is difficult, but we will be by your side every step of the way. 

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There are challenges that are unique to sex crimes. While you are always at risk of incarceration when you are arrested for a crime, sexually based offenses are especially difficult. The allegations alone can damage your reputation and impact your quality of life. 

You deserve legal counsel that understands what you are going through. The attorneys of Gerald Miller take a compassionate approach to legal advocacy. At a time when you might feel alone, we are prepared to guide you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no set fee for criminal defense lawyers. When you hire a Richfield sex crimes attorney, it is important to understand that they have the opportunity to set their own fee schedule. This is typically done by charging on an hourly basis. However, some criminal defense lawyers will agree to take a case on a flat fee basis.

The specific rate an attorney charges can be based on different factors. Some lawyers charge more for complex cases that are likely to go to trial. Others might charge a higher hourly rate when they have a strong track record or substantial notoriety.

The good news is that you never have to guess what an attorney might charge. During a free consultation with the attorneys of Gerald Miller, you can learn about the cost of hiring legal counsel for your sex crimes case.
Any time you are convicted of a criminal charge, you can face a range of penalties. A conviction can lead to incarceration—often for many years. Sex crimes are usually felonies, which can also come with steep monetary fines. Additionally, a felony conviction could impact certain rights like your ability to vote or own firearms.

There are other harsh consequences to be aware of in these cases. Specifically, you are at risk of mandatory sex offender registration if you are convicted of these crimes. You will be required to constantly maintain updated information on the public registry, which includes your residence and the specifics about your conviction.
There are ways you can pursue the dismissal of your sex crime charges in Richfield. While success is never guaranteed, you have an opportunity to pursue dismissal in two different ways.

First and foremost, the prosecutor overseeing your case has the power to dismiss the charges against you. While the state takes these offenses seriously, there are circumstances where they might agree to dismiss all charges. This is common when key evidence is excluded at trial or when it is clear the state’s case is weak.

Some prosecutors will never dismiss these charges regardless of how strong your defense is. In these situations, you still have the chance for a dismissal by filing a motion with the court. A judge will not dismiss your case on a whim, but they could grant a motion filed by our firm on your behalf.
The stakes are high any time you are arrested for a sex crime in Richfield. If you are convicted, it can change the course of your life forever. While you do not have to hire legal counsel, you could be putting yourself at risk of damaging your case if you act as your own attorney.

Having a lawyer can help you in many different ways. Your lawyer could investigate the allegations against you and determine the right defense strategy in your case. They could advise you on whether or not a plea offer is reasonable. Most importantly, they can handle every aspect of your case if it goes to trial. Our firm cannot guarantee a positive outcome, but we will work tirelessly to protect your rights.
It is up to the prosecutor to determine whether or not they will make a plea offer in your case. While you are not entitled to an offer, the state typically tries to resolve every case with a plea when possible. That does not mean an offer from the state is worth considering.

Negotiating a fair plea bargain might be your best option in some cases. When the evidence is strong enough to lead to a conviction, our firm can work with the state to lessen your charges. In some cases, we might be able to secure an offer of a lesser offense that is not considered to be a sex crime. This can lead to reduced penalties and potentially help you avoid mandatory sex offender registration.

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