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Criminal defendants must deal with a great deal of uncertainty, and not just about their futures. There are many specific, unanswered questions as well, such as how much will a lawyer cost, how do I get started, and what will happen to my drivers’ license.

Gerald Miller, a compassionate Roseville DWI lawyer, understands that these vexing questions need immediate answers. We offer flexible appointment times, so our partnership starts on the right foot. Our DWI lawyers also address immediate needs, such as drivers’ license revocation, so our clients have additional peace of mind.

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Even before he became a lawyer, Gerald Miller felt a need to protect individual rights against government overreach. That principle is the foundation of Gerald Miller, P.A. We see complex DWI matters as an opportunity to draw a line in the sand and keep government power in check. That approach benefits all Ramsey County citizens, and not just our clients.

So, in our law practice, there is no room for things like contracts and estate planning. These areas of law are important, but they do not contribute to our mission. Now more than ever, Minnesota needs lawyers who stand up for their clients.

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At the same time, our DWI defense attorneys understand that clients do not partner with us to further an ideal. They expect results, and that’s what we deliver. We invite you to browse through our testimonials and see this for yourself.

Don’t just take our word for it. Outside organizations, like the Better Business Bureau, put our office at or near the top of the heap. The BBB recognizes our years of commitment and long successful track record. And, the BBB understands how these things impact individual lives.

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Put our ideas and determination to work for you. Once we complete your free case evaluation, we carefully explain your legal options. Once we decide on a course of action, we gather evidence on your behalf. Then, our DWI lawyers go to bat for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you suspect that your rights were infringed upon during a DWI arrest it is crucial to inform your defense attorney. They can assess the situation. Determine if any violations occurred, potentially leading to a stronger defense strategy.
A DWI conviction in Roseville might have implications for professional licenses. As your defense attorney, I can provide guidance on safeguarding your standing and pursuing the best possible outcome for your case.
If law enforcement has obtained a warrant there may be a requirement for you to undergo a blood test. However, it is vital to consult with your DWI defense attorney before consenting to any tests.
In cases involving DWI offenses, Roseville offers alternatives to incarceration such as chemical dependency programs or treatment courts. As your defense attorney, I can explore these options. Advocate for the most favorable resolution on your behalf.
It is advisable to reach out to a DWI defense attorney soon as possible following your arrest, in order to ensure prompt legal assistance.
Early intervention allows me to collect evidence to safeguard your rights and initiate the process of constructing a robust defense strategy.
It is not advisable to represent yourself in a DWI case. The legal system is intricate and an experienced DWI defense attorney possesses the knowledge and expertise needed to safeguard your interests.
After being arrested for DWI in Roseville individuals often commit errors such as engaging with law enforcement without the presence of an attorney or lacking awareness of their rights. Seeking advice from a DWI defense attorney, like myself can help you steer clear of these missteps and make well-informed choices.

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