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There is no question that being charged with a drug offense in Fridley is a worst-case scenario for most people. Even for relatively minor possession charges, the consequences of a conviction are immense. The entire criminal justice process can seem overwhelming for some people, especially those who are facing prosecution for the first time. 

Dealing with these criminal charges is never easy, but an attorney could reduce some of the stress from off of your shoulders. An experienced attorney could provide you with a defense strategy that helps you avoid a conviction. 

The attorneys of Gerald Miller know how to fight back against drug charges. We have extensive experience advocating for the accused in these cases, and we look forward to the chance to serve you. You can review our case results to see how our approach to criminal defense has worked out for our clients.

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Our Firm Will Tailor Your Defense to the Facts of Your Case

It is vital that you have a defense strategy that is tailored to the facts of your case. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy that will apply to every case across the board. Your chances of acquittal hang on a defense strategy that is best for you. 

Our attorneys could develop a defense strategy that helps you meet all of your needs. First, we will carefully investigate your arrest as well as the other facts of your case to determine the right strategy. This could involve anything from challenging the legality of a search to establishing the substances in your possession were not illegal. 

Our firm is proud of a personalized approach to criminal defense. We have handled countless drug cases over the years, and this has allowed us to focus on developing the right defense strategy for the right client. 

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Drug Charges Bring Serious Criminal Jeopardy

Facing arrest for a drug offense is often the most stressful thing a person has ever dealt with in their life. While being arrested for drug charges in Fridley can be distressing, the outcome in your case is never certain. 

You have the right to fight back against the charges you face. If your defense strategy is successful, you could avoid all of the penalties that come with a conviction. This might involve the dismissal of your charges or even a victory at trial. 

The penalties involved in these cases vary depending the statute you have violated. In each of these cases, there is the possibility of jail time, fines, and other steep penalties. The attorneys of Gerald Miller could help you beat these charges and the penalties that come with a conviction.

What Comes Next

You Deserve Legal Counsel That Understands These Charges

Your choice of attorney can play a tremendous part in the outcome of your drug crimes case. While hiring an attorney on its own is a crucial step in the process, it is also vital that you secure legal counsel with the right experience. 

Experience is about more than spending time as a lawyer. You deserve legal counsel that has relevant experience handling drug crime cases in Fridley. This means not only focusing their practice on criminal law, but also spending time defending cases with facts similar to yours. 

The attorneys of Gerald Miller exclusively practice criminal law. We have faced down the government in drug crimes cases and won. The experience we gained from these cases could be invaluable to you as we work on your defense. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is natural to wonder what it might cost to hire an attorney to defend you in your drug crimes case. However, every attorney has their own approach to billing. Some charge flat fees, but most will bill you by the hour.

An attorney’s hourly rate can vary. Some lawyers charge more due to their extensive experience or notoriety. Others might charge less if they are just becoming established as criminal defense lawyers.

When it comes to the attorneys of Gerald Miller, you don’t have to guess. During your free consultation, you will have the chance to learn about our fee structure when it comes to drug crimes charges. Be sure to ask any questions you have about the cost of your defense.
You can expect to face a variety of consequences if you are convicted on a drug charge in Fridley. For most people, the possibility of extensive incarceration is the worst-case scenario following an arrest. These cases are typically felonies, and hey can result in years behind bars for some people.

There are other penalties to be aware. You could not only be burdened with costly fines, but there are also collateral consequences to think about. This includes things like the loss of your employment or difficulties for your immigration status due to a conviction.

Keep in mind that these penalties are linked to a conviction, no an arrest. You have the right to fight back against these charges, and many people are successful when they do so. A strong defense could help you avoid any penalties in these cases.
There are options for dismissing drug charges in Fridley, but the decision is ultimately out of your hands. The only parties with the right to dismiss criminal charges are the prosecutor and the judge.

Prosecutors are unlikely to dismiss a drug charge with a good reason. In general, you can expect that they will aggressively pursue a conviction unless you have evidence that shows you are likely to win at trial. If the prosecution refuses to drop your charges, our firm could file a motion asking the judge to dismiss those charges.
You are the only person that can decide whether or not you hire an attorney for your drug charges. However, there are serious risks that come with acting as your own attorney in these cases. A single error could result in a conviction or steeper penalties, and these errors should be avoided at all costs.

An attorney could help with your case many ways. In addition developing a defense strategy, your lawyer could also negotiate with the state for a plea bargain or even file a motion to have the charges against you dismissed.

It is possible to negotiate with the state for a plea bargain in Fridley. In fact, prosecutors are typically motivated to settle these cases and move on to the next item on the docket. That does not mean you can expect a generous plea offer, however.

Getting a fair plea bargain offer requires work. Your attorney could show the prosecution the strength of your case in an effort to secure a plea offer that is worth accepting. This process can take time to play out, but the effort might be worth it depending on the strength of your case. An attorney from our firm could advise you on whether a plea is in your best interests.

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