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Uncertainty in a DWI is often overwhelming. Before their cases even go to court, the state revokes a defendants with drivers’ license suspension. Then there is the uncertainty of the trial itself. Many first-time offenders do not even know where the Hennepin County Courthouse is located. Finally, DWI defendants face an uncertain future. A DWI conviction usually means loss of freedom, at least to an extent.

Experienced Eden Prairie DWI lawyer Gerald Miller brings certainty into this uncertain environment. Our professional team helps DWI defendants attempt to retain their driving privileges, so they can take care of their families. We also offer effective solutions that reduce the consequences of a DWI conviction. As a result, defendants and their families can face the future with added confidence.

Who We Are

If your son’s foot hurts, you should take him to a podiatrist instead of a pediatrician, even though they are both qualified doctors. Likewise, if you are accused of DWI, you need to see an Eden Prairie DWI lawyer instead of the lawyer down the street, even though they are both qualified attorneys.

We strongly believe in a DWI defendant’s criminal rights. This passion fuels our purpose. That purpose is to stand up for your rights in court and during pretrial negotiations.

Why Choose an Eden Prairie DWI Lawyer

Gerald Miller, P.A. has more five-star Google ratings than almost any other Eden Prairie DWI lawyer. We have also earned special recognition from the Better Business Bureau. We worked hard to obtain this recognition, and we want to work just as hard for you.

Many of our former clients say the same thing. Feel free to browse through our testimonials and see for yourself. Success breeds success. If our DWI lawyers did it before, we can do it again.

What Happens Next

During your free case evaluation, we carefully listen to you. We want to know about your case, and we also want to know about your needs and goals in a particular situation. Then, our DWI attorneys move forward with your defense, and we do not stop fighting until the final gun sounds.

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    Erik L
    Erik L
    17:01 25 May 23
    2x Felon currently on Parole w/ a bag of misdemeanors to add and I had an accident where i crashed into the back of another car after driving like I shouldn't have been! So anyone in my shoes knows this is all bad! I called Gerry and from that moment all the anxiety, stress, worry and FEAR (let's keep it real) went away! He will keep it straight forward with you, he will always be available for you to call and ask questions and at no point will you feel out of the loop with your case. LISTEN every attorney is gonna try and tell you what you want to hear maybe even try to charge you way less. But YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR in the legal system period! Take it from a 41yr old convict who's seen and heard it all! Because of Gerry and his team I'm able to execute my parole in Sep. 25' Be FREE FROM PAPERS all because Gerry. I pled Guilty to a 4th deg dwi misdemeanor got a year of probation which rolled over to my parole agent. HE SAVED ME FROM GOING BACK TO PRISON! So listen you do what you want with this information! Oh and my guy just was charged with a Felony. So i called Gerry to see if he could help and not only is he helping he looked out for him on the $ part too! Because of me! (where was mine lol) Look he'll take care of you even when it's not for you lol! Thank you Gerry for everything you did for me, my family and friend.
    Patrick Tombers
    Patrick Tombers
    16:29 18 May 23
    Great group to work with, extremely helpful, and knowledgeable. They helped me get a better outcome than I could have gotten myself. Also very reasonable on cost. They kept me well informed through my time going through court and willing to help with any questions I have going forward now that my case is closed.
    Jenna Nygaard
    Jenna Nygaard
    01:18 02 May 23
    Kyle was amazing. He eased my mind and helped me through a very tough time of my life. Got my charges dropped down a lot! He's super quick to respond to any and all questions. Highly recommend!!
    Nickolas Ritten
    Nickolas Ritten
    21:32 28 Apr 23
    Gerald Miller and Kyle Drager handled my case for me and got me a great result that was much better than I thought it would be. I mostly communicated with Kyle concerning my case and he would always answer my texts/questions promptly. Would highly recommend these guys.
    Matt Richards
    Matt Richards
    18:22 27 Apr 23
    This is my first positive review I’ve written and it’s for good reason. I normally don’t do these kinds of things but Kyle Dreger absolutely blew me away with everything he did for my case. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome as it wasn’t looking good for me. Kyle walked me through each and every possible thing there was to know and explained everything so well and clearly. If you’re reading this right now and debating whether or not you would give them business, I wouldn’t hesitate in having them represent me again. Worth absolutely every penny and completely saved me. As I said, I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome of my case.
    megan Smithy
    megan Smithy
    11:58 26 Apr 23

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