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For some people, being arrested for DUI is a worst-case scenario after a night out among friends. For others, it can be the culmination of a series of misunderstandings that led to their wrongful arrest. In either situation, the support of strong legal counsel is invaluable. 

Being found guilty of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can have serious repercussions in your life. You face the risk of incarceration and can count on costly monetary fines. License suspensions are common, and the state could potentially seize the vehicle used at the time. 

You have the right to fight back against these charges, and you don’t have do so alone. The attorneys of Gerald Miller are ready to help you protect your constitutional rights. We have handled thousands of DUI cases, and we look forward to using our experience to get you the best possible outcome. Contact us as soon as possible for a free consultation.

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Minnesota DWI attorneys, DUI lawyers, and criminal defense law firm

The attorneys of Gerald Miller are focused on advocating for the accused. We don’t take divorce cases, negotiate business mergers, or resolve property disputes. We fight for those facing DUI allegations and ensure their constitutional rights are protected. 

In our view, this approach is a best-case scenario for our clients. We focus our efforts exclusively on criminal law, allowing us to expand our knowledge and experience in a way that will improve our chances of securing favorable outcomes at trial. 

A critical part of our approach is developing personalized defense strategies in every case. We carefully tailor our approach in each case to fit the evidence. There is no easy answer to beating DUI charges, which is why we make certain to develop the strongest approach possible when defending against these allegations.

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Minnesota DWI attorneys, DUI lawyers, and criminal defense law firm

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Attorney Gerald Miller has spent his entire career fighting for those accused of crimes. Since 1979, he has been an advocate for the accused. As a defense attorney, he as secured favorable outcomes in more than 10,000 individual cases. 

Together, the attorneys of Gerald Miller have 50 years of combined experience in criminal law. Our firm has received countless accolades and awards, and we are members of the American Institute of DUI/DWI Attorneys. More than anything, our reputation is built on the success we have had in the courtroom on behalf of our clients. 

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If you have been charged with DUI, you have a number of issues to address. Not only are you at risk of a criminal conviction, but you could lose your driving privileges through administrative proceedings as well. All of this can be too much for some people to deal with on their own. 

The attorneys of Gerald Miller know the toll a criminal prosecution can take. Allegations of driving while intoxicated can also have an isolating effect due to the serious damage an arrest can have on your reputation. We take a compassionate approach to our work, and we are always ready to listen to your concerns as we help you navigate the legal process. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is understandable to be concerned about the cost of legal representation. However, the support of an experienced Crystal DUI attorney can be crucial to your defense. You have the opportunity to learn what to expect when it comes to these expenses by asking about an attorney’s billing practices during a free consultation.

Many defense attorneys bill by the hour. That means they set their hourly rate and keep track of the amount of time they spend on each case. Often, they charge a retainer, which is a pool of money that is paid upfront. The lawyer the draws a fee from this retainer as they perform their work. Other lawyers might agree to take a DUI case for a flat fee.

There are different factors that can impact what a lawyer charges. Attorneys with large client rosters and significant name recognition may be able to charge more than someone fresh out of law school. Other lawyers might take into account the complexity of a case when determining their rate. These are important questions to ask during a free consultation.
Many of the consequences associated with a DUI charge are no different than any other criminal offense. If convicted, there is the possibility of jail time and monetary fines. DUI cases are generally treated as misdemeanors, which carry a maximum jail term of one year. However, you could face a felony offense depending on your prior convictions or other factors. Felonies carry much steeper penalties, which can include multiple years of incarceration.

There is also the potential for losing your driving privileges after an arrest and conviction for DUI. These suspensions involve an administrative process that is separate from your criminal case. Our firm could handle both proceedings for you.
It may be possible to see the charges against you dismissed. While state prosecutors have the power to dismiss your charges, that does not mean they will be willing to do so. Drunk driving offenses carry a stigma that can result in significant pressure on the state to secure a conviction. This can make it difficult to have these charges dropped.

That said, prosecutors also prefer not to lose at trial. If your attorney can show that the lack the evidence needed to secure a conviction, it could be enough to push them to dismiss your case. This is most likely to occur when your attorney is able to have evidence like breath test results thrown out.

The judge in your case also has the power to enter a dismissal. This requires a motion filed by your lawyer. The court will consider these motions and grant them if there are legal issues that make it necessary to drop the case.
The decision to hire a lawyer is yours alone to make. Despite this fact, there are serious risks that come with acting as your own attorney. A missed deadline or a misunderstood rule of evidence could be enough to derail your case and lead to an avoidable conviction.

An attorney could be an invaluable resource in many ways. They could investigate the charges against you to determine if the state’s evidence is strong. They can also evaluate any plea offers made by the prosecution.
It is often possible to negotiate a plea bargain for DUI charges in Crystal. The state typically makes these offers in most DUI cases even though they are not required to do so. It is important to remember that the terms of the plea might not be in your best interest. You have the opportunity to negotiate with the state to secure a better outcome. If that is not possible, you are entitled to take your case to trial and fight for an acquittal.

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