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An arrest for DUI can be a life-changing event. If you are convicted, you can find yourself behind bars with large monetary fines waiting for you when you get out. The arrest alone could do damage to your personal life and professional career. While it might seem hopeless, the reality is that you have the right to defend yourself from these allegations. 

With the right strategy, it may be possible to beat the charges against you and avoid a conviction. Doing so means you will not face any penalties and will walk away with a clear criminal record. A Columbia Heights DUI lawyer could maximize your chances of getting the outcome you deserve. 

The attorneys of Gerald Miller are proud of our history of defending the accused. We have handled countless DUI cases over the years, and we look forward to the chance to evaluate your options. Call us today for a free consultation.

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Minnesota DWI attorneys, DUI lawyers, and criminal defense law firm

There are law firms that will happily take on any type of case that walks through the door. Known as general practitioners, they handle everything from divorces to DUIs at the expense of being able to focus on a single area of the law. Our firm is different in that we only take on criminal defense clients. This allows us to focus our energy on becoming the best possible advocate when you are accused of wrongdoing. 

One of our firm’s guiding principles is personalizing our approach for each of our clients. No two DUI cases are the same, and there is not a simple solution that will work in every situation. We tailor our defense approach based on the facts of your case. This has led us to numerous positive outcomes as DUI defense lawyers.

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Minnesota DWI attorneys, DUI lawyers, and criminal defense law firm

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Our attorneys are no strangers to criminal law. Since 1979, attorney Gerald Miller has been a proud advocate for the accused. Over the years, our firm has taken on countless DUI cases, and we have secured favorable outcomes in many of them. We will work tirelessly to fight for your constitutional rights. 

Together, the attorneys of Gerald Miller have more than 50 years of combined experience practicing criminal law. During this time, they have helped over 10,000 clients get the best possible outcome in their case. Our case results show how we have helped numerous people deal with the challenge of criminal charges in Columbia Heights. If you are curious how we can put our experience to good use in your DUI case, reach out today. 

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There is no question that criminal charges bring stress and worry. While DUI offenses are generally treated as misdemeanors, there is always the potential for spending time behind bars if you are convicted. This can weigh heavily as you attempt to go on with your life. 

Our attorneys are prepared to do more than to develop a defense strategy or handle your case at trial. We can provide peace of mind that comes with knowing your case is in good hands. Facing these charges is never easy, but our compassionate approach to legal counsel could help you manage your concerns and prepare you for this process. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are no uniform fees when it comes to Columbia Heights DUI lawyers. Instead, each attorney determines what they plan on charging in these cases. In general, lawyers with experience and name recognition are likely to charge more than lawyers that are fresh out of law school.

Many criminal defense attorneys take these cases on an hourly basis. That means they determine their hourly rate, keep track of every minute they spend on your case, and bill you accordingly. With this approach, your attorney might also require a retainer. A retainer is a pool of money you pay up front that your lawyer draws from to cover their fees.

Other lawyers handle DUI cases for a flat fee. This might include a single amount regardless of how the case plays out, or it could be a variable fee that is higher if a case goes to trial.
Compared to other criminal charges, a DUI arrest may not be the most serious of offenses. That said, you could face substantial penalties if you are convicted. This is especially true if you have previous DUI convictions or allegedly injured someone in an accident while driving drunk.

Jail time is the primary concern for most people when they are arrested. A misdemeanor conviction could lead to a year behind bars, while felony charges can result in even longer sentences. There are also fines to be aware of.

You can also face the suspension of your driving privileges. In fact, the state will take action against your license long before you have been convicted of a crime. Your attorney could help you deal with the state while also fighting for you in court.
Having your charges dismissed is possible in some cases, but it is rarely easy. Prosecutors frequently face public pressure to aggressively pursue a conviction in DUI cases. They will typically only drop your charges when your attorney can show that they are unlikely to score a conviction. This frequently happens in situations where your lawyer has managed to exclude much of the state’s evidence at trial.

Judges are also empowered to dismiss criminal charges, but they will not do so on their own. If your legal counsel files a motion to dismiss, the court will consider it. Keep in mind these cases are usually only dismissed when the law requires it.
Whether or not you hire a lawyer for your Columbia Heights DUI case is your decision to make. You are not obligated to bring on legal counsel, but acting as your own lawyer can be risky. There are strict deadlines to manage and complex rules of evidence to navigate. A single mistake could result in a conviction that might have been avoided with the right attorney by your side.

A lawyer could assist you during every phase of your case. This starts with a careful review of the allegations against you and continues until the charges are resolved. The most important time to rely on a lawyer is when your case goes to trial.
It is often possible to negotiate a plea bargain for DUI charges in Columbia Heights. Prosecutors frequently make these offers, but that does not mean accepting them right away is a good idea.

Weighing a plea bargain can be difficult, especially on your own. One of the benefits of hiring a lawyer is allowing them to put a plea bargain into context. They could help you understand if the deal is fair or if the state is offering you an outcome that would be worse than if you took your chances at trial.

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