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An arrest and a conviction on criminal charges are two very different things. While no one wants an arrest on their record, there is an opportunity to beat these charges and avoid the penalties that come with it. A conviction can lead to serious, life-altering consequences like jail time or fines. 

If you have been charged with a crime in Shakopee, you have the right to defend yourself. Fighting back against the prosecution might seem difficult, especially on your own. The good news is that you have the right to hire a Shakopee criminal defense lawyer to serve as your advocate. 

The attorneys of Gerald Miller are ready to help you protect your constitutional rights. Success could be possible in your case, and we are prepared to work tirelessly to help you get the outcome you deserve. Contact us right away for a free consultation. 

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Our dedication to criminal law is what sets our firm apart. While some lawyers are willing to handle any type of case, our attorneys are exclusively focused on the practice of criminal defense law. This approach gives us an advantage, as it allows us to develop skills and learn the nuance of criminal law that only extensive hands-on experience can bring. 

Another key to our success is our individualized approach. Every criminal case is unique, and there is not a standard defense strategy that will work in every scenario. To get the best possible outcome in your case, you need a defense lawyer that will tailor your trial strategy to the facts of your case. 

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You Face Steep Consequences With Any Criminal Conviction 

Attorney Gerald Miller is proud of his long track record of success when it comes to defending the accused. Since 1979, he has focused on taking on the state in criminal court, and his results speak for themselves. Over the years, our firm has successfully resolved more than 10,000 individual cases. 

Our lawyers have earned numerous accolades over the years on a state and national basis. We have been named of America’s Top 100 Criminal Defense Attorneys, among other accolades. You can see how our approach has resulted in numerous awards over the years.  

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Let Our Team Develop a Personalized Defense Strategy For You 

The stress and worry that comes with being charged with a crime can be overwhelming. While the penalties associated with each offense should be taken seriously, one of the most difficult parts of the criminal justice system is the uncertainty. Spending months or even years waiting to learn your fate can take its toll. That is why having the support of compassionate legal counsel is so important at this point in your life. 

The attorneys of Gerald Miller can do more than appear in court on your behalf or develop a trial strategy. We can help you understand the legal jeopardy you are currently facing. Our team can also provide support at a time that many find to be isolating. Let our lawyers guide you through every stage of the process. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no uniform cost when it comes to hiring a criminal defense lawyer in Shakopee. Every lawyer has the opportunity to set their own fee structure. The factors that go into determining what a lawyer charges can include their experience, name recognition, and client list.

Often, defense attorneys will bill by the hour. That means they will track the amount of time they spend on a case and charge their hourly rate. Other attorneys might agree to take on a case for a flat fee. You can learn about what an attorney charges during a free consultation.

It is helpful to think of the cost of legal counsel not as an expense, but as an investment. Hiring the right attorney could be the difference between avoiding a conviction and facing life-changing consequences.
The types of penalties that can come with a conviction are as numerous as the criminal charges recognized under state law. While any risk of incarceration should be taken seriously, some offenses have much greater consequences than others. For example, misdemeanors could lead to as much as a year in jail, but felonies could lead to you spending the rest of your life behind bars.

There are other penalties outside of the risk of incarceration. You could be hit with steep monetary fines or lose your driving privileges. A conviction for a sex crime could lead to mandatory registration as a sex offender.

Never forget that these consequences occur when you are found guilty of a crime. If you are able to have your case dismissed or win at trial, you can never be punished for these allegations. Our firm is ready to help you fight for the best possible outcome in your case.
One of the best possible outcomes when facing criminal charges is having your case dismissed by the state. Getting the charges dropped might be possible, but this outcome is never guaranteed. There are two parties with the power to bring your case to an end without the need for a trial.

The prosecutor handling your case has the power to drop your charges. However, they are usually facing significant pressure to secure a conviction. Dropped charges are only common in situations where the evidence needed to convict you is lacking. Your lawyer might be able to negotiate a dismissal after having some evidence excluded from trial.

The judge overseeing your case could also dismiss your case forever. Your attorney could file a motion to dismiss, but they will need grounds that make it impossible for the state to proceed with its case.
You are the only person who can determine if they need the support of legal counsel following an arrest. Despite this fact, there are serious risks that come with acting as your own attorney. There are numerous deadlines written into the law, and missing them can have devastating consequences for your case.

There are also major challenges that come with trying a case. The support of an attorney could manage every aspect of your defense, from negotiating a plea bargain to handling your case at trial.

Plea bargains are a common tool used to resolve criminal charges in Shakopee. In fact, most cases will never go before a jury. While negotiated plea agreements are common, it is never safe to assume an offer from the state is in your best interest. Prosecutors care about clearing their caseloads, but they will always pursue a conviction when possible.

Our attorneys can help you evaluate a settlement offer to determine if it is in your best interest. In some situations, it may be possible to negotiate a better deal with the state. Your lawyer could also advise you when it might be time to take your case to trial.

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