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No person starts their day with the intention of being arrested. Despite this fact, numerous arrests are made in Crystal every day. These criminal charges can lead to life-altering consequences if you are found guilty. 

For some people, simply waiting for the outcome of your case can be overwhelming. These cases can take months or even years to resolve, and it is difficult to know peace with a criminal charge hanging over your head. The right attorney could relieve that stress by building the strongest defense strategy possible. 

If you are facing criminal charges in Crystal, the attorneys of Gerald Miller are ready to help. We know this is a stressful situation, but we are ready to provide you with guidance that could help you beat the charges against you. Reach out right away to learn more. 

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Minnesota DWI attorneys, DUI lawyers, and criminal defense law firm

We are your trusted Criminal Defense lawyers in Crystal, Minnesota. Specializing exclusively in DWI and Criminal Defense Law, we offer a FREE, no-obligation initial consultation to kickstart your defense journey. With decades of courtroom experience, we bring a deep understanding of Minnesota’s legal system to the table, enabling us to craft tailored strategies that align with your unique case. Our team is available 24/7/365, ensuring you receive the attention and support you deserve right here in Crystal. We’re not just your legal advocates; we’re your dedicated partners, committed to fighting for your rights every step of the way. Choose Gerald Miller for seasoned, compassionate, and effective legal representation in Crystal.

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Minnesota DWI attorneys, DUI lawyers, and criminal defense law firm

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A Criminal Conviction Could Change Your Life

When you are convicted of a crime, the consequences can follow you forever. Just having a criminal conviction on your record can make it difficult to pursue your education, find employment, or even secure appropriate housing. 

However, the primary concern for most people who have been charged with a crime is the possibility of incarceration. The amount of time you could spend behind bars varies depending on the specific crime, but any loss of your freedom is a serious matter. 

If you have been arrested on criminal charges in Crystal, it is critical that you rely on legal counsel immediately.  The right attorney could provide you with a defense strategy that avoids a conviction and the penalties that follow it. Talk to attorney Gerald Miller about your defense options today.

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Experienced Legal Counsel Can Help You Fight Back

When you are in the market for a criminal defense attorney, experience is the most valuable commodity your legal counsel can have. The state has extensive resources they can bring against you, and you need all the help you can get. An experienced attorney could even the playing field for you. 

Keep in mind that not all experience is the same. The amount of time an attorney has practiced law is only one consideration, as relevant experience matters most. You are best-served by legal counsel that have dedicated their career to advocating for the accused. 

The attorneys of Gerald Miller have built their careers as criminal defense lawyers. It is the only area of law they practice, and they are proud of the results their efforts have brought. Our team is ready to provide you with the skill and experience that could help you beat your charges. 


Our Personalized Approach to Criminal Defense Gets Results

Whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony offense, the charges against you are unique. You need a defense strategy that is tailored to the facts of your case, and our firm is ready to provide that for you. 

The attorneys of Gerald Miller know how to build a winning defense strategy from the ground up. It starts with understanding the allegations against you as well as the evidence the state plans on relying on. 

We can review the facts of your arrest to determine if your rights were violated by police or prosecutors. If they were, it could serve as the basis for a viable criminal defense strategy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every attorney and law firm sets their own fees. These fees vary dramatically based on the type of case and the extent of that lawyer’s experience. In general, experienced lawyers are likely to charge more.

It is common for attorneys handling criminal defense cases to do so by the hour. This means they charge their hourly rate based on the amount of time the put into a specific case. Attorneys also frequently ask for retainers, which are pools of money that the attorney will draw their fees from as they complete the work.

It is crucial that you understand what an attorney will cost before you hire them. Thankfully, most attorneys offer free consultations that allow you to ask them about things like their billing practices. You can reach out to attorney Gerald Miller today for your free consultation.
Every criminal charge filed in Crystal has a maximum penalty associated with it. In general, the extent of those penalties will depend on whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. Misdemeanor offenses are the least-severe of the two, but that does not mean they are minor. Any criminal conviction could impact your life in ways you might not expect.

When it comes to criminal penalties, most people are primarily concerned with the risk of incarceration. In addition to spending time behind bars, you might also face steep fines and other collateral consequences.

The good news is that these consequences only apply if you are convicted. If you manage to beat the charges against you, the risk of jail time or fines disappears. Our team of attorneys looks forward to helping you fight back against the charges.
One of the best possible scenarios after being arrested for a crime is having the charges dropped. However, the state rarely agrees to drop charges out of the goodness of their own heart. Instead, you will need to show them that the case against you is so weak that a conviction is impossible.

One of the situations where charges are often dropped is when the state’s evidence is excluded from trial. This can happen when the police or prosecutors violate your constitutional rights. Our team can ensure you are treated fairly and that the state is held accountable if your rights are violated.
It is in your best interest to hire a lawyer after an arrest in Crystal. An attorney dramatically increases your chances of a favorable outcome, while acting as your own attorney is an avoidable risk.

There are many ways acting as your own attorney could backfire. Without an attorney, you might lack the context of whether or not a plea bargain is a reasonable offer or unfair. It is especially difficult to take your case to trial without having an attorney handling the evidence on your behalf.
Negotiating a plea bargain might be an option in your Crystal criminal case. However, both sides have to agree to a plea bargain, which is then signed off on by the judge.

The state has a reason to settle these cases, as one of their goals is to reduce their large caseload and avoid litigating every case. However, that does not mean they are motivated to make a reasonable offer.

The most important thing you can do is let an attorney negotiate a plea on your behalf. The attorneys of Gerald Miller have extensive experience resolving cases with an outcome that is fair.

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