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Facing the unknown is always challenging, and a Dakota County DWI is full of unknowns. For example, there is uncertainty over driving privileges. The state usually tries to immediately suspend a defendant’s drivers’ license, and officials do not need much evidence to invoke the implied consent law. So, many DWI defendants do not know how they will get their children to school, themselves to work and take care of other responsibilities.

Burnsville DWI lawyer Gerald Miller brings certainty to this uncertain situation. Our professional team protects your driving privileges by offering solid advice and aggressive representation. Our advice is based on years of experience in this area and diligent hard work on your case. Our aggressive representation comes naturally because of our dedication to your individual rights.

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Gerald Miller is one of the most experienced Burnsville DWI lawyers in Dakota County. That experience makes a difference in your case. Hastings, where the courthouse is located, is a small town quite unlike Burnsville. So, Dakota County judges have their own style and way of doing things. If DWI lawyers fail to adapt or they are unprepared for a new environment, their clients suffer.

The procedure might be a bit different in Dakota County, but the substantive law is the same. So, Gerald Miller uses an identical approach. We thoroughly prepare your defense, so we can effectively stand up for you.

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Why Choose Gerald Miller

For many years, Gerald Miller has been synonymous with a successful resolution. Our success is not due to luck or happenstance. Rather, it’s a result of our proven process. We invest additional time in your case, and our results speak for themselves.

At Gerald Miller P.A., success is a relative term. Sometimes, success means convincing a judge to throw a case out of court. Sometimes, success means a not-guilty verdict at trial or a favorable plea bargain agreement. We are flexible because our clients demand flexibility.

What Comes Next

Our process begins when you reach out to us for a free case evaluation. As knowledgeable DWI attorneys, we examine the facts and research the law in order to formulate the best possible defense. Then, once court proceedings begin, we never stop fighting for you. Through it all, we openly communicate with you, so you are never in the dark.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Refusing a breathalyzer test may lead to penalties, such as license suspension. As your defense attorney for DWI cases, I can assist you in evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of taking the test or exploring defenses against refusal consequences.
There is a possibility of being incarcerated for a first-time DWI offense in Burnsville especially if there are factors involved. However, with representation, it is feasible to negotiate alternatives to imprisonment.
During a DWI arrest, law enforcement will inform you of your rights conduct sobriety tests, and may ask questions. It is crucial to remain composed and cooperative while exercising your right to have an attorney before answering any inquiries.
A DWI charge in Burnsville can pose a threat to your CDL, which's essential for your profession. As your defense attorney, I will handle your case. Strive to protect your CDL whenever possible.
If your DWI arrest is connected to prescription medication usage you may still face charges. Sure I can assist you in building a defense strategy based on your condition and the medications you're prescribed to safeguard your rights.
In Minnesota DWI convictions are permanently recorded. This is because the state takes into account any DWI offenses, within ten years to determine penalties for subsequent charges. As your DWI defense attorney, I can explore options for expungement or other measures to minimize the impact it may have on your life.
Absolutely negotiating a plea deal is an option, in Burnsville DWI cases. Utilizing my experience and relationships as your defense attorney I can advocate for a plea bargain. Explore alternative defense strategies.

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