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What Happens After a DWI in Minneapolis?

Many people facing a DWI in Minneapolis and Minnesota may be fearful and want to know what happens after a DWI arrest. At the time of arrest, many things happen quickly. You will be processed by the police and given a breathalyzer. You an also expect to spend some time in jail until the police allow you to leave or your case is taken up by a judge.

One thing that will not happen immediately following an arrest is a conviction. You have the right to fight back against a DWI charge, and many people who do so ultimately prevail.

If you are ready to fight back against a DWI charge, a Minneapolis DWI defense lawyer from Gerald Miller are here to help. We can assist with every step of your case and advise you on what to expect moving forward. Call today to get started.

You Are Booked Into Jail in Minnesota

The first step after you are formally arrested for DWI will involve the police booking you into jail. This process is similar to what you might have seen on TV. The officers will take your mugshot and fingerprint you. What happens next depends largely on the police station that you are at. In some jurisdictions, you will be held until the police believe you are sober. Other police stations might release you into the custody or a sober driver.

No matter what, you can expect to spend some time in jail. Often, you will be placed in a large cell with other people informally known as a “drunk tank.” More likely than not, you will be released at some point without having to wait for your arraignment.

You are Ordered to Appear in a Minneapolis Court

You will also receive a formal notice of a court proceeding in your DWI before you leave jail. This summons or ticket will provide you with your case number and also inform you of the date of your arraignment.

The arraignment is the first official court appearance of your criminal case. At the arraignment, you will inform the court whether you choose to plead guilty or not guilty. Pleading not guilty will provide you with the opportunity to develop a defense and potentially negotiate a plea bargain. If you plead guilty, you are essentially throwing yourself upon the mercy of the court. For that reason, it is in your best interest to avoid a guilty plea at this stage.

Arraignment hearings are typically heard on large court dockets that could keep you waiting in court for hours. The good news is that if you hire an attorney, your legal counsel could have your arraignment waived or appear on your behalf. In fact, you can skip most of the hearings in your case if you have an attorney representing you.

Your Driving Privileges Will Face Suspension in Minnesota

You will technically face not one but two proceedings based on your arrest. In addition to the criminal charge against, the state will also seek administrative action in an effort to suspend your driving privileges. Unless you fight back against this suspension immediately after your arrest, you could lose your driving privileges for months or even years. Your attorney could assist you with the administrative aspects of your DWI case.

You Could Face Additional Jailtime in Minnesota

Your first night in jail after a DWI arrest might not necessarily be your last. If you are convicted of a DWI, you could face months or even years behind bars depending on which degree of DWI offense you are charged with.

If this is your first DWI arrest, the chances are low that you will face additional jailtime if convicted. However, if you have prior convictions or have aggravating factors like a child passenger in the vehicle at the time of your arrest, you could find yourself behind bars.

Discuss a DWI Case with a Minneapolis DWI Defense Lawyer

What happens after a DWI in Minneapolis and Minnesota can significantly affect how a DWI charge or conviction affect your life. One of the most important steps you can take following a DWI arrest is to speak with an attorney. If you talk to an attorney right away, they might have time to help you avoid your arraignment hearing and the disruption that court appearances can have on your life.

To learn more about how our team can help, schedule a free consultation with the attorneys of Gerald Miller as soon as possible.

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