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An individual who does not reside in Minnesota and who is charged with a DWI offense while in Minnesota will be subject to criminal and driver’s license sanctions in Minnesota. They also will likely face driver’s license sanctions in their home state when that state is made aware of the Minnesota driver’s license revocation and/or DWI conviction. If you are faced with this situation, call Gerald Miller, a DUI Minneapolis Attorney who has decades of experience in DUI and DWI.

The primary concern for most out of state defendants is often getting back to their home state as soon as possible. If a person is not released on their own recognizance, the first step is to set a bail hearing and obtain release for the individual. Once this occurs the case proceeds as normal. It is also worth noting that a person may be able to resolve their case without having to be present at court.

The attorneys at Gerald Miller PA will take every step necessary to help you return to your home state as early as possible.

Non-Resident DWI Conviction

The consequences of a DWI conviction for a non-resident may be two fold. First, the individual will face criminal penalties and driver’s license sanctions in Minnesota. Second, the individual may also be subject to separate driver’s license and sanctions in their home state.

Should I Contact a Minnesota DWI Lawyer?

If you are an out of state person charged with a DWI in Minnesota you are likely confused and frightened. Minnesota DWI laws are very strict and having an experienced DWI attorney is essential. Gerald Miller PA has over 35 years of experience in all levels of DWI law. Contact us today at 612-341-9080 for a free consultation.


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