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In Minnesota, a person convicted of a DWI while driving a rental vehicle is subject to the same sanctions, penalties and consequences as they would if they owned the vehicle. There are complex issues that can emerge if you are charged with a DWI while driving a rental vehicle and having an experienced DWI Minneapolis Attorney to help defend your rights can help get a favorable result.

However, an individual may be subject to additional contractual penalties with the rental company pursuant to their signed agreement. If the car is impounded it is typical that only the rental company will be allowed to retrieve the vehicle.

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A DWI is a serious offense with severe consequences. An attorney who is experienced with DWI law is invaluable. If you are facing a DUI while operating a rental vehicle, you may have many questions about the next steps in the case. Gerald Miller PA has over 35 years of experience in all levels of DWI law. He also has an experienced and talented team of DWI Minneapolis Attorneys ready to help you and your case. Contact us today at 612-341-9080 for a free consultation and to get the answers you need.


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