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Minnesota DWI Law Firm | Awards and Recognitions

Why Potential Clients Should Care About Awards 

Our legal blog aims to inform, educate, and advise visitors about the legal and civil consequences of a Minnesota driving while impaired charge. Our DWI Law Firm has covered the topics readers are searching for, like “Will I lose my driver’s license if I get a DWI?” or “Can I go to jail for drunk driving?” Both are important, always timely subjects for our legal team to address. 

But every now and then, we like to share law firm news. This blog will highlight a recent award Minnesota DWI Law Firm Gerald Miller, P.A. received for our excellent work, as well as other current and past accomplishments that demonstrate our experience, our commitment to our clients, and our success rate in and out of court. 

Why toot our own horns, you ask? Because we understand: Earning awards and recognitions builds our credibility, much like our Google, Facebook, and Yelp reviews. That goes for any business, not just law firms. Our attorneys – Jerry, Kyle, and Cody – take our work very seriously.  Our clients do, too. 

If you’re looking for the best Minnesota DWI Law Firm you’ve come to the right place. Minnesota DWI attorney Gerald Miller and his team will defend your driving while impaired case and work on the best outcome possible. You probably have a lot of questions – including what kind of penalties you’re facing. Give us a call 24 hours a day at 612-430-6743 or contact us here for a free case evaluation. 

Current/Past Awards and Recognitions

Gerald Miller Minnesota DWI Law Firm has earned dozens of accolades over the years. Here are a handful of our awards and recognitions: 

BirdEye “Best Business 2019”

We are pleased to announce that BirdEye recently named Minnesota DWI Law Firm Gerald Miller, P.A. one of its best law firms in America. This award is the first of its kind, and was based on client reviews and testimonials. BirdEye creates reputation management software, so it’s a for-profit business itself, but we are nonetheless happy to be recognized for client service, especially when it’s based on reviews and testimonials. 

We are here to serve our clients. It’s why we do what we do. Gerald Miller DWI law is widely-recognized throughout Minnesota as one of the most experienced DWI law firms in the state. Our clients from Minneapolis and St. Paul to Rochester and Duluth tell us that every single day. Most are so happy with the outcome of their cases that they want to share their stories with others.

Thomson Reuters “SuperLawyer” 

Our firm has earned Thomson Reuters “SuperLawyer” distinction every year since 2006. SuperLawyers are selected on a state-by-state basis using a patented multiphase selection process that includes peer nominations and evaluations, as well as independent research. Each candidate is reviewed based on peer recognition and professional achievements. As the group’s website says, “the objective is to create a credible, comprehensive and diverse listing of outstanding attorneys that can be used as a resource for attorneys and consumers searching for legal counsel.” 

The National Trial Lawyers: “Top 100”

The National Trial Lawyers Top 100 is an invitation-only organization of the best trial lawyers in the U.S. The attorneys selected for membership must meet criteria and qualifications as civil plaintiff or criminal defense trial lawyers. Selection is based on peer nominations as well as third-party research. The lawyers chosen for the Top 100 must have extraordinary “leadership, reputation, influence, stature, and public profile” attributes. Only a select few from every state is chosen for the Top 100; the list is considered a widely-used source of information, education, and networking. As the organization’s website says:

“Each of our distinguished Top 100 members possesses the knowledge, skill, experience and success held by only the best and finest lawyers in America.  By combining resources, power, and influence, The National Trial Lawyers: Top 100 is devoted to preserving and protecting justice for all.”

The American Society of Legal Advocates “Top 100”

The American Society of Legal Advocates, ASLA, is made up of the most elite lawyers – the top 1.5% – in the country. Members in all 50 states and in different areas of law are allowed to join the organization by invitation only due to the group’s extensive and exclusive selection process and criteria for inclusion. In other words, the ASLA only accepts the most respected attorneys in their respective states and practice areas. 

National Association Of Distinguished Counsel – “Nation’s Top 1%”

The National Association of Distinguished Counsel’s Nation’s Top 1% recognition selects the finest attorneys in the country for membership after an extensive, objective vetting process, a judicial review, and more to ensure “virtue in the practice of law.” Candidates are identified by nomination or an in-house research team; nominations are accepted from members of NADC, other attorneys, and current or former clients

American Institute Of DUI/DWI Attorneys: “10 Best” 

 The American Institute’s DUI/DWI Attorneys who honors achieved the highest level of success for the benefit of their clients. The 10 Best Client Satisfaction Award helps clients make an informed decision when choosing the right attorney to represent their DWI or DUI cases. The honor of being named “10 Best” is extended only to firms that have reached the top of their profession and consistently earn client satisfaction. To be selected, an attorney must be formally nominated by the Institute, client, and/or fellow attorney; attained the highest degree of professional achievement in his or her field of law; and have an impeccable client satisfaction rating. 

National Academy Of Criminal Defense Attorneys: “Nationally Ranked Top 10” 

The National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys selects the top criminal defense lawyers in each state using an extensive selection process, and “resolves the challenge of attorneys claiming to be ‘the best’ without basis for such claims.” NACDA attorneys must be nominated by a licensed attorney or a staff member, and they must meet minimum membership requirements. A committee selects attorneys to advance to the final selection stages. 

The National Advocacy for DUI Defense: Top 100 DWI Attorneys for the State of Minnesot

The attorneys selected by NAFDD have distinguished themselves by demonstrating specialized knowledge, skill, experience, and expertise in areas unique to drunk driving cases, including the lawfulness of stops, detentions, and arrests; the reliability of field sobriety tests; the accuracy of breath and blood testing methods, including retrograde extrapolations; driver’s license ramifications and administrative hearings. 

America’s Top 100 Criminal Defense Attorneys 

Membership among America’s Top 100 Criminal Defense Attorneys identifies and highlights the accomplishments of the nation’s most esteemed and skilled criminal defense lawyers. Only 100 attorneys in each state receives this honor and is selected for membership. Attorneys are chosen after a comprehensive multi-phase selection process involving propriety algorithms and Qualitative Comparative Analysis to ensure that only the most skilled and exceptional attorneys are selected. 

Other Accolades 

We’ve also been recognized by Mpls-St. Paul Magazine as one of “The State’s Top Attorneys In Minnesota,” and among Minnesota Law and Politics’ “Top 40 Criminal Defense Attorneys.” Gerald Miller, P.A. has been a member of many respected organizations, including The National College For DUI Defense, The National Association of Distinguished Counsel, American Institute of DUI/DWI Attorneys, National Academy Of Criminal Defense Attorneys, The American Bar Association, The Minnesota Bar Association, and BBB Minnesota. 

There are more than 25,000 lawyers in Minnesota, or roughly 45.7 attorneys per 10,000 people, according to the American Bar Association. That ranks the land of 10,000 lakes eighth in the country for the number of people who are licensed to practice law. 

Make sure you choose a Minnesota DWI lawyer with the experience, dedication, and professional respect and recognition to quickly help you overcome the arrest and move on with your life.

About Minnesota DWI Law

In Minnesota, it is against the law to drive if you have a blood alcohol content of .08 percent or higher, as measured within two hours of you driving. For every 88 instances of driving, someone is arrested for operating a motor vehicle above the legal limit. Within two hours of drinking – at any given location in the country, including Minnesota – an average of 772 drivers will be arrested for drunk driving, according to federal statistics

About Gerald Miller, P.A.

Were you or someone you love arrested for DWI? The process can be worrisome – or even frightening. There are a lot of unknowns and legal jargon to weave through. You’re not alone. We can help, whether it’s your first DWI or if you’ve been convicted in the past. 

If you are facing a conviction, the experienced Minnesota DWI attorneys at Gerald Miller, P.A. will look at your case and determine the best course of action. We will guide you through the process, working toward a positive outcome no matter the circumstances of the arrest. Our firm has a high success rate, and we’ve fought cases all the way to the Minnesota Supreme Court. 

Your case is not open-and-shut. You should fight. We look at every aspect of the case, from the time of the arrest the officer’s actions to the accuracy of your Breathalyzer test.

What makes Gerald Miller different from other Minnesota criminal defense lawyers?

The Minneapolis lawyers at Gerald Miller DWI Law Firm handle all aspects of criminal law across the Twin Cities and statewide, but we have focused on DWIs for nearly 40 years. A DWI affects your driving ability, your finances and your professional reputation. Don’t let one mistake hinder a promising future.

Legal Counsel is Critical to Success

The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can start protecting your rights.  Even if a case cannot be dismissed, your charges may be reduced, which is a positive outcome no matter how you look at it. First-time offenders have a stronger chance to receive lower charges than a repeat offender. Some prosecutors will consider reducing a DWI charge to careless driving if the defendant has no prior offenses, a BAC under 0.10 and a good driving record. It helps if you were cooperative at the time of your arrest and if you followed the instructions of the court prior to your hearing, including completing an alcohol assessment and/or DWI classes.

Contact us today to schedule your free and confidential case evaluation at 612-440-4610. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to give you some answers, a little hope, and plenty of well-deserved peace of mind. We can also be reached on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

About the author

Gerald Miller

Gerald Miller is a top-notch and experienced DWI/DUI lawyer at Gerald Miller P.A. in Minneapolis, MN. He has more than 35 years of experience in Criminal Defense practice. He has also been a mentor to numerous DUI/DWI defense attorneys.

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