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Can You Join the Military with a Misdemeanor Drug Charge in MN?

For many people, the possibility of joining the military is as much a calling as it is a career choice. Are you wondering, Can you join the military with a misdemeanor drug charge? You could face challenges with joining the military if there are criminal arrests and convictions in your past. Whether or not your record will prohibit you from joining the military will not only depend on the charges you have face but also the specific guidelines of the branch of the military you are seeking to join.

If you have been convicted of a misdemeanor drug charge in MN, you will not initially qualify for admission into any of the armed services. However, each branch frequently issues waivers that will allow you to pursue a career in the military despite your criminal history.

While these waivers might make your military dreams a reality, the best way to protect your future is to avoid a misdemeanor drug charge entirely. Seeing your case dismissed or prevailing at trial could remove any of the impediments between you and a military career. Discuss your criminal defense options with a Minneapolis drug charges lawyer of Gerald Miller as soon as possible.

Joining the Military with a Minnesota Criminal Record

When it comes to recruitment, the military branches have high standards. They are seeking more than just a physical athlete that can make it through basic training. Their process also seeks to weed out those they find to have poor moral character.

Any criminal conviction could be enough to prevent you from joining the military. In fact, just admitting to previous drug use without a criminal record could be enough for a recruiter to pass on you. Thankfully, a waiver process is available that could allow you to join the military even with a conviction for drug possession.

Obtaining a Waiver for a Misdemeanor Drug Conviction in MN

Not every person convicted of a crime will be granted a waiver to join the military. This decision can be subjective, but there are certain factors that go into granting these waivers. Your criminal history is the first and foremost issue. While a single conviction might lead to a waiver, a lengthy criminal history could cost you any chance of joining the military.

The severity of the charges against you are also important. Each of the service branches are more likely to grant a waiver for a misdemeanor than a felony. The process for obtaining these waivers differs from one branch to another. Likewise, the rank of officer with the power to sign off on a waiver also varies across the military. A recent trend has seen higher-ranking officers delegate the power to grant these waivers to subordinates in an effort to increase recruiting.

Fighting Back in Your Minnesota Drug Case

As mentioned above, your best chance of entering the military is through avoiding any form of criminal conviction. Often, this means fighting back against a drug charge by taking your case to trial. If you are able to win your case and avoid a conviction for a misdemeanor drug offense, you could greatly increase your chances of successfully joining a branch of the armed services.

There are numerous ways to fight back against a misdemeanor drug charge. One of the most common defenses in these cases involves asserting your constitutional rights. The 4th Amendment to the United States Constitution protects you from unlawful searches or seizures. If your vehicle was stopped or your home was searched illegally, any evidence found could be excluded at your trial. Removing the evidence against you could represent your best opportunity to obtain a favorable outcome in your case.

Reach Out to a Minneapolis Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you’re asking can you join the military with a misdemeanor drug charge, all hope for a future military career is not lost. That said, your potential military career is entirely in the hands of someone else. If you do not receive a waiver, you will not be able to join the military.

The better approach is to avoid a criminal conviction in the first place. If you are considering a military career in the future, a strong defense could help you defeat a drug charge that could derail your hopes and dreams. Contact the attorneys of Gerald Miller today to schedule your free consultation.

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