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Five Things a Minnesota DWI Attorney Can Do (That You Can’t)

The importance of having representation for cases involving DWI and DUI is often overlooked. When it comes to the Minnesota and Minneapolis area, Gerald Miller can supply one of our experienced professionals to look after your best interests.

A Minnesota DWI Attorney is most certainly worth your time – especially when you consider the consequences of a DWI or DUI conviction. Punishments can range from fines to imprisonment so having the right legal backing is essential.

Here are five things that a Minnesota DWI Attorney can do that you most certainly can’t on your own.

Keep a tab on legal deadlines

There are several deadlines that you need to keep track of when pursuing or handling a DWI case. These can involve providing CCTV footage and submitting formal evidence. By hiring a Minnesota DWI Attorney, these worries needn’t be an issue.

Knowledge of court proceedings and the law

Perhaps most obviously, a fully-qualified attorney will have an encyclopedic knowledge of the courts, experience in handling similar situations, and an unparalleled recollection of the law surrounding DWI and DUI.

Talk when the time is right

An experienced DWI attorney will know everything when it comes to timing. When the time is right to defend yourself and when the time is right to stay tight-lipped. Depending on the situation a DWI attorney will also advise you on whether it is best that you take the stand for your defense or not.

Negotiation skills

Capable DWI attorneys can use their advanced negotiating and bargaining powers to help deliver the right verdict for the client. If a jail sentence is suggested by prosecutors then alternative punishments can be pressed forward by the attorney with conviction.

Expunge a conviction

One of the biggest concerns for someone charged with a DWI or DUI offense is the knock-on effect for future employment and credit claims. A Minnesota DWI Attorney can help to resolve these concerns by having a conviction expunged. These procedures are specific to state and local courts.

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Gerald Miller

Gerald Miller is a top-notch and experienced DWI/DUI lawyer at Gerald Miller P.A. in Minneapolis, MN. He has more than 35 years of experience in Criminal Defense practice. He has also been a mentor to numerous DUI/DWI defense attorneys.


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