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State V. J.B.

We filed a successful motion to DISMISS on the grounds that the client’s constitutional rights had been violated, and his right to possess a firearm had been restored previously. The prosecutor dismissed the case entirely. NO SENTENCE IMPOSED.

State V. J.J.

the Client’s snowmobile, valued at approximately $10,000 was forfeited as a result of this charge. We were able to negotiate a buyback of the forfeited snowmobile for only $2,250.00. We were also able to negotiate all 28 days of the custody time to be served on...

State V. J.L.

We were able to successfully negotiate for minimal time in custody on behalf of the client. Client was sentenced to only 2 Days executed Jail; with the remaining 28 Days on Electronic Home Monitoring and a $900.00 Fine.

State V. J.Z.

We successfully challenged the Implied Consent on the grounds that the Officer’s stop of the client’s vehicle violated his constitutional rights, which resulted in RESCISSION of the Clients license revocation. Based on the issues raised at the Implied Consent, we were...

State V. L.P.

We successfully challenged the Implied Consent which resulted in the RESCISSION of the Clients license revocation; our attorneys were also able to secure a sentence which included no executed jail and a $500.00 Fine. * Stay of Adjudication: a Defendant pleads guilty...
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