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If you have been accused of assault in Richfield, you are entitled to a vigorous legal defense. Dealing with these charges can feel helpless for some people, but the reality is that the right attorney could secure a favorable outcome on your behalf. 

It is never in your best interest to act as your own attorney. The state will not spare any expense in building a case against you, and they have the resources of the police to interview witnesses and develop evidence. You deserve legal counsel that can help you even the playing field. 

The attorneys of Gerald Miller know what it takes to face assault charges and win. Our team of lawyers has a long history of fighting for the accused, and we are proud of our experience handling assault charges in Richfield. Call us today for a free consultation to learn more about your options.

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Your Case is Unique—Your Defense Should Be Too

The attorneys of Gerald Miller are criminal defense lawyers. We do not draft wills, handle corporate mergers, or file personal injury lawsuits. Our team is focused on criminal law, and we put everything we have in advocating for the accused.

This approach allows us to focus narrowly on every aspect of criminal defense. From researching changes in the law to gaining extensive experience at trial, everything we do is designed to provide the best possible representation for our clients. 

When we take on a case, we provide a personal touch to everything we do. Every assault case is different, and your charges deserve a defense strategy that is narrowly tailored to the facts. Our team will carefully review the allegations against you before determining the best possible strategy to pursue.

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Why Choose Gerald Miller

Assault Convictions Have Serious Consequences

Attorney Gerald Miller has practiced criminal defense law since 1979. Together, our team has a combined 50 years of experience fighting for the constitutional rights of the accused. We have won awards and found success at trial. 

When it comes to our track record of success, you do not have to take our word for it. You can review our case results for a better understanding of the outcomes we have secured for our clients. While past success never guarantees the outcome you prefer, it does provide you with insight into how we could use our experience on your behalf.

What Comes Next

You Need Experienced Legal Counsel on Your Side

Many people go into the criminal justice system assuming a conviction is inevitable. It is not unusual for the police and prosecutors to make it clear they believe it is an open and shut case. This can lead people accused of assault to plead guilty, even when it is not in their best interests. 

The reality is that these cases are defensible. Not only can our team of attorneys help you fight back against assault allegations, but we can also provide you with peace of mind during a distressing process. Being arrested and charged with a crime is never easy, but our team is ready to help you get through this challenge and move on to something better. 

Our Richfield Assault Charges Lawyer Will Make a Difference for you

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every assault lawyer in Richfield has their own fee structure. This is because there is no universally accepted fee structure for attorneys that handle criminal cases. Often, these lawyers will handle these cases on an hourly basis. Lawyers that bill by the hour set their rate based on factors like their skill or experience. In some cases, defense attorneys might agree to handle a case on a flat fee basis.

You should never be in the dark about what your prospective attorney will charge if you hire them. Thankfully, the attorneys of Gerald Miller offer a free consultation. This consultation gives you the opportunity ask questions about your case, including what the defense might cost you. It is vital that there are no misunderstandings about billing between you and your lawyer.
There are multiple consequences to be aware of when you are convicted of assault in Richfield. These cases have the potential to result in serious jail time, especially if you have been charged with a felony. There is also to potential for monetary fines.

In addition to the penalties written into the statute, there are also collateral consequences to be aware of. Collateral consequences are things that impact your life upon conviction that are not directly penalties, like losing your job due to an assault conviction.

These penalties have the potential to change your life forever. However, it is important to remember you will only face them if you are ultimately convicted. You have the right to fight these charges, and the attorneys of Gerald Miller are ready to help you every step of the way.
There are only two parties that have the power to drop or dismiss assault charges in Richfield. These parties are the prosecutor and the judge overseeing the case. When it comes to the prosecutor, there must be a valid legal reason that would make them consider a dismissal. Prosecutors are unlikely to drop charges on goodwill alone, but evidence that the state’s case is unwinnable could push them to do so.

There are situations when even the weakest state’s case will not result in a dismissal by the prosecutor. In those situations, it could be helpful to file a motion to dismiss with the court. When this motion is filed, the judge has the opportunity to review the facts and determine if the charges should be dropped. This is most likely to be successful after the defense lawyer successfully excludes important state’s evidence at trial.
There are many ways an attorney could assist with your assault case. From answering questions to handling evidence at trial, the guidance of experienced legal counsel could be valuable to you in many ways.

The decision to hire an attorney for your Richfield assault case is yours to make. You might have the right to act as your own attorney, but that does not mean it is in your interests to do so. Often, this approach puts you at a disadvantage against experienced prosecutors that know how to navigate the criminal justice system.
Plea bargains are usually on the table in assault cases. After all, prosecutors have a lot on their plate. They generally make plea offers in every case with the goal of reducing their caseload. That does not mean accepting these offers is a good idea, however.

There are times when accepting a plea bargain might be in your best interest. While many people could benefit from taking their chances at trial, others are likely to face a conviction. A plea bargain could provide a way to reduce the penalties associated with that conviction. Our attorneys could not only advise you whether an offer is worth taking, but also negotiate with the state on your behalf to get the best possible outcome.

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