What is a Felony DWI?

Felony. It’s a scary word and its meaning feels especially frightening to anyone facing the charge. Under Minnesota DWI laws, four driving while impaired offenses within a 10-year period is considered a felony. At the same time, Minnesota also has the “once a felon, always a felon” distinction when it comes to Felony DWI and...
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Minneapolis DWI Lawyer | Depression and DWI

A DWI Can Cause Worry, Shame – and Serious Depression. Here’s What to Do. Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympian of all time. But 22 Olympic medals didn’t prevent depression, shame, and sorrow from reportedly overtaking Phelps following his 2014 drunk driving arrest.  Phelps was “in a really dark place” and experienced feelings of...
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Minnesota DWI Attorney | DWI During the Holiday Season

December is a month filled with special times that include friends, family and, for a lot of people, numerous holiday festivities packed with fun and frivolity.  Whether it is the spiked eggnog at the office holiday party, the beer you nurse when your uncle feels compelled to talk politics at the family Christmas dinner, or...
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