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What is Strong Arm Robbery in Minnesota?

What is Strong Arm Robbery in Minnesota?

Strong arm robbery is a term used to describe a type of robbery that involves physical force. This informal term could be used in relation to a robbery involving an assault or simply the act of physically taking an object away from another person without their...
Is Robbery a Felony in Minnesota?

Is Robbery a Felony in Minnesota?

In Minnesota, a felony is an offense that, if convicted, is punishable by more than 1 year of incarceration. Misdemeanors, on the other hand, are less serious offenses that carry lower penalties. Robbery is a felony offense in Minnesota, and a conviction potentially...
What is Robbery?

What is Robbery?

Robbery is a serious criminal charge in the State of Minnesota – primarily because it creates a significant risk to the public at large. Moreover, if a jury convicts you of robbery, you may be sentenced to serve time in jail and pay substantial monetary fines, along...

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