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There are two different justice systems in Minnesota: one for juveniles and one for adults. Both systems often deal with the same charges, but the sentences can be very different. If your asking what is the sentence for a juvenile charged with assault, juvenile justice is typically not as harsh as what adult defendants face.

If your child is facing juvenile assault charges, they could still face substantial consequences. In some cases, an adjudication by the court that your child is delinquent could require extensive counseling or fines. In extreme cases, they could spend the rest of their teenage years in juvenile detention.

The attorneys at Gerald Miller know what is at stake with every juvenile assault case. Often, we can show the court that rehabilitating a juvenile client is not only possible, but that it is the best available option as well. To learn more, contact Gerald Miller as soon as possible regarding your assault case in Minnesota.

Penalties for Juvenile Assault Charges

When it comes to juvenile assault charges, the potential consequences are not as certain as they are in adult court. While each adult charge of assault carries a set maximum jail term for adults, juvenile judges have much more leeway when deciding their cases.

The steepest penalty available in a juvenile assault case is commitment to a juvenile correctional facility. This option is a last resort, but it is not uncommon for violent offenses.

Other juvenile assault cases involve the assessment of fines or probation. Counseling and anger management are also frequently relied on in juvenile court. A juvenile could also be required to pay restitution to a victim. This is common in assault cases where property damage or medical bills occur.

Charging Juveniles as Adults

Minnesota law only allows prosecutors to charge juveniles as adults under certain circumstances. When these circumstances are present, a juvenile could face the adult justice system and the consequences that come with it. This distinction is important. While the juvenile justice system is designed to rehabilitate, the adult justice system focuses on punishment and deterrence. If you’re asking what is the sentence for a juvenile charged with assault, the end result for a juvenile charged as an adult could be significant time behind bars.

Not all juveniles are eligible to be tried as an adult. According to state law, children under the age of 14 do not have the capacity to commit crimes. This means under no circumstances can juveniles under the age of 14 be tried as an adult.

Additionally, not all offenses will result in adult charge. While all charges for individuals under the age of 18 begin in juvenile court, the state can move to transfer serious charges into adult court. The offenses that could qualify for certification into adult court must be felonies. Typically, they are either violent felonies or charges that involve the brandishing or display of a firearm. Typically, misdemeanor assault charges are not certified as adult cases under Minnesota law.

Extended Jurisdiction Juveniles

Prosecutors have some additional options when it comes to pursuing assault charges against a juvenile. In some cases, the prosecution might feel that juvenile court is the best option even when it is possible to certify charges to adult court. In this situation, the prosecution can seek to qualify the defendant as an extended jurisdiction juvenile (EJJ). The extends juvenile court jurisdiction to the defendant until they reach the age of 21.

With an EJJ, both adult and juvenile charges are involved. If the juvenile meets the conditions set out by the court, they will remain in the juvenile system. If they fail to meet these conditions, they could be convicted as an adult.

Talk to an Attorney About a Juvenile Assault Case

If your juvenile loved one has been arrested on assault charges, the outcome of the case could have a major impact on their future. Depending on the circumstances, this arrest could play out in either adult or juvenile court. The sentence for a juvenile assault case can be significant, including the possibility of spending time in a juvenile detention facility. The penalties for adult court are much higher.

If you have questions about your legal options following a juvenile assault arrest, the attorneys at Gerald Miller have the answers. To get started with your defense, schedule your initial consultation with Gerald Miller as soon as possible.

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