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In Minnesota, a 4th degree DWI is a misdemeanor offense. A first time offender who complied with all testing, has no qualified prior impaired incidents within the last ten years, has no aggravating factors and tested less than .20 may be charged with a 4th degree DWI. If you are facing this situation and have questions about your next steps, contact our DUI Minnesota Attorneys at Gerald Miller.

Misdemeanor DWI / DUI Consequences

A 4th degree DWI is a misdemeanor offense which is punishable by up to 90 days in jail and/or a $1000 fine. A forfeiture of the vehicle used in the incident and impoundment of the license plates is also extremely likely.

Possible Driver’s License Sanctions

Generally, for a first time offense with no aggravating factors, a revocation of 90 days to one year is likely and one typically may participate in ignition interlock. A first time offender whose test result is less than .16 may also be eligible for a work permit 15 days after the revocation time period commences. If the test results in a .16 or greater, ignition interlock will be required for a minimum of one year.

Should I Call DUI Minneapolis Attorneys?

The first time someone is charged with a crime it can be a very stressful and confusing time, especially a crime as complex as DWI, experience matters. Gerald Miller PA has over 35 years of experience helping and guiding people through these frightening and difficult times. Contact us today at 612-341-9080 for a free consultation.

For more information see the Minnesota 4th Degree Driving While Impaired Statute 169A.27.

For a review of criminal penalties and driver’s license sanctions see the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.


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