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Drug Charges in Minnesota

A sentence for a drug offense in Minnesota is usually determined by guidelines set by the Sentencing Guidelines Commission, but actual length of a sentence for a drug charge is actually linked to the defendant’s past criminal record. As a result, the penalties are far more severe for repeat offenders. It is also possible that a judge may consider other factors when deciding on a sentence, such as if a drug crime took place in a school zone or public park, the punishment may be more severe. If you are facing drug charges and need a criminal defense Minneapolis contact Gerald Miller today.

Should I Reach Out to Minneapolis DWI and Criminal Defense Lawyer?

If you are facing drug charges in Minnesota and need a top-notch criminal defense Minneapolis, call Gerald Miller today. With decades of experience defending clients with all sorts of cases and charges against them, Gerald Miller and the team of talented and experienced attorneys behind him are ready consult on your case. If you are confused and have questions about your charges, call Gerald Miller and schedule a free consultation to review your case. Defending your rights throughout your entire case is always the goal of Gerald Miller and his team.


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